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Choosing The Location for Your Condo in Puerto Vallarta – Beach or Hillside?

Thomas L. Lloyd, mazatlan Broker By Thomas L. Lloyd

Buying Mexico beachfront for sale is a very attractive prospect – especially in a location like Puerto Vallarta which offers beautiful mountain views and all modern services to complement its gorgeous beaches. Yet, Puerto Vallarta offers another very attractive option – the hillsides back from the beach.

Which is the best to choose? Well, that depends on your tastes. But each has its own advantages. Let's review these to help you choose.

Advantages of the Beachfront

Beach on your doorstep

If you own a condo on the beach, you can walk out your front door in the morning right onto the sand! Or while you enjoy your coffee (or martini) on the balcony, you can also enjoy the views of the Pacific Ocean, and fiery sunsets.

Extremely competitive prices

If you look at the beachfront condos you get in Puerto Vallarta and compare them to a similar condo anywhere along the U.S. or Canadian Pacific Coast, well the price differences are astounding. Most people simply couldn't even consider the ones up there. Here, living in comfort directly next to the beach is within reach of the average American. (For examples, see http://www.topmexicorealestate.com/puertovallarta-real-estate/preconstruction-puertovallarta.php )

Close to downtown/resort amenities

Beachfront condos in Puerto Vallarta are either close to the tourist areas of downtown or within resort complexes. Both have close walking access to restaurants, bars, shops, gyms, spas, yoga classes and the like, not to mention waterfront activities.

Rental potential

The beachfront, of course, is the place where all the tourists want to be. If you own a condo that you're using only part of the year, you can rent it out to tourists to generate income.

Advantages of the Hillside

Even lower prices

Since demand is lower, and these are not tourist neighborhoods, condos up on the hillside offer noticeably lower prices even than well-priced beachfront condos.

Breathtaking views

If the views from the beachfront are amazing, the ones from the hillside outdo even those! In addition to the Bay and the sunsets, they also offer broad views of the Old Town and the mountains.

Quieter neighborhoods

Again, simply because these are not the “happening” neighborhoods, the streets are quieter and there is less going on. It's still easy to get downtown and to the tourist areas to go out, but it offers a quieter, calmer home base for those who prefer it – and many retirees do!

These guidelines should help you decide which option – beachfront or hillside – is the best for your needs when you retire in Puerto Vallarta.

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Mexico Real Estate NETWORK; "Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely!"


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