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As one of the key international destinations for beachfront condos, for those looking for a second home to escape the cold winters of back home, while enjoying a high quality lifestyle at a relatively accessible price, Cancun Real Estate currently holds an important place in the internet; listings can be searched and viewed on the internet and the list of properties can be chosen and narrowed down before visiting Cancun to see them in person. Searches for Cancun are, in fact, so common that as a tourist destination, Cancun has been named the most searched for on the internet. Caancun's popularity has overflown into areas such as the Playa de Carmen Real Estate market as well. In the overload of options that turn up for such a popular destination, clients need a guide in finding, choosing the best options, especially for real estate.

As a tourist destination, Cancun finished 2009 as one of the most sought after vacation spots in Mexico and abroad. Google placed Cancun as the most searched travel destination for Mexican surfers this year, and Yahoo ranked it as the third best tourist destination internationally for its recreational activities. Also, "Recommend" Magazine published in its December issue that Cancun is Mexico's Bestselling Destination, according to a pole taken from more than a thousand travel agents in the United States and Canada for the 13th Annual Reader's Choice Awards from the prestigious magazine, combined with an online vote for readers.

Recommend Magazine is a monthly publication for professionals in the travel industry and is distributed between 50 thousand agents travel located in the U.S. and Canada.

In the second week of December, Google released its Zeitgeist 2009, where Cancun ranked first in the list of most popular words on the Internet this year for Mexico in the category Travel Destinations, followed by Cuba, Europe, Canada and Chiapas.

Another popular Internet search engine, Yahoo Travel Cancun ranked in third place among the most attractive destinations to provide recreational activities for its visitors, ahead of places like San Diego, Cabo San Lucas, New York, San Francisco, Orlando, Hawaii and Paris .

Earlier this year, Cancun also won several international awards for its world-class tourist infrastructure and its natural beauty, including the prize for the finest beach resorts from the magazine "Viagem de Brazil," which it received for the fifth consecutive time in October.

What does this all mean for Cancun Real Estate? It means Cancun is getting a lot more visibility throughout the world, as a tourist destination, and also as real estate destination. More tools are becoming available to find both tourist attractions and real estate on line, making it easier for buyers to narrow down what they're looking for before they make the trip to Cancun to see the properties in person. Information can be found about life in Cancun, about activities, events, road construction, new developments, and many other things. For buyers, while the access to information is an excellent tool, the amount of information can be overwhelming. Buyers need a guide for this information, to help them find what is relevant to their needs, to their lifestyle and to their property search. To help you sort through all this information, and, even more importantly, pick out that key information that often isn't so obvious, visit our Cancun MLS page for real estate options, information, and advice in your property search.

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