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Playa del Carmen Real Estate has been identified by international buyers as one of the ideal choices to buy beachfront property in a warm climate, both in the Mexico Real Estate market, and on a world-wide level. Mexico's beaches, especially Playa del Carmen, and the surrounding Riviera Maya, have been growing as top choice for an interesting branch of tourism, which has a special tie to property purchases - wedding tourism. The growth of this area of tourism presents the romantic possibility of a beautiful wedding on a sunny beach. But there is no reason to limit a beautiful beachfront to your wedding day; your wedding could be the beginning of a long and relaxing life together, in a home or a condo. On the other hand, couples who've settled down a long time ago may want to take advantage of the romance of the area when choosing a place to spend the winters, or escape the cold all together.


Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya have become one of the key areas for "wedding tourism," for couples from Mexico, United States and Canada. This branch of tourism was promoted in "Love Mexico" - and event at the beginning of December which presented information about the many services available for weddings in the area.


Organized by Mexico Wed, with support from the Fund for Promotion of Tourism in the Riviera Maya (FPTRM) and the Mexico Tourism Board (MTB), the event was attended by about 120 professionals representing business of 49 million dollars a year. Each of the participating organizations is considering hosting at least five weddings a year in Mexico and must be borne in mind that a wedding attended by an average of 63 people. This shows the significance of the romantic appeal the area has.

As with tourism and real estate, the services providers themselves have an international angle: 60 percent of wedding planners come from the United States, 20 percent from Canada and 10 percent from Mexico City and Monterrey.


The Tourism Board of Mexico and the Tourism Promotion Trust the Riviera Maya, along with the civil registry office of Playa del Carmen and the organizers of the event provided detailed information about wedding requirements for conducting marriages in Mexico and the Riviera Maya.


According to the ABC (Association of Bridal Consultants) there are 3 basic elements that couples look for when choosing a destination for your wedding: a) a beautiful place with beautiful view, b) weather c) a wide range of activities to enjoy with family and friends. This makes Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya the ideal destination for weddings, for just about the same reason as real estate.


If you're thinking about a wedding in Mexico, also think about buying Riviera Maya or Playa del Carmen Real Estate. As you begin your married life together on the most beaches in the world, you could also investigate the option of settling down in Playa del Carmen in a condo or home only a short walk away from the beach. Or maybe you already have plans back home; in this case many options for land purchase could allow you to plan for your future beachfront home. You already know how beautiful this area is - that's why you chose it for your wedding. Why not make paradise it in your life?


As for established couples - well maybe you are thinking of renewing your vows, or you just want a place to live where a more laid-back lifestyle allows you to be a little more romantic. The romance of Playa del Carmen can be contagious, and there is certainly lack of relaxation! A beachfront condo overlooking the ocean or home in Playa del Carmen could be just what you need.

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