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Playa del Carmen Real Estate, like the area's tourism industry, is outpacing some tough competition in the Caribbean. How exactly is it doing this? One aspect is most certainly the quality/luxury to price ratio; Playa del Carmen MLS properties not only are of high quality, but the lifestyle quality is also kept at an excellent level by outstanding infrastructure, and the city's active by elegant atmosphere. But there is another idea which has been growing up in Playa del Carmen; this is the idea of "sustainability" - an idea which is finding ever broader appeal to American and Canadian property buyers. Along side of Playa del Carmen, Cancun MLS listings have also begun to include properties in the "sustainable" category.


The idea of sustainable or green development is becoming more and more visible in Playa del Carmen and Cancun's tourism industry, which is closely tied to the real estate industry. Tourism trends have changed recently, and now the idea of a "natural spa" has a greater appeal than a casino, and various hotels in the Mexican Caribbean are moving to meet this demand in the market. An idea has been emerging that the hotels should now be developed sustainably, implementing "green" concepts.


To achieve this tourist projects must accomplish four key tasks: preserve nature and culture, be tourism enterprises that are profitable, generate economic income and employment, and offer competitive products and services that benefit clients.


The real estate industry in Playa del Carmen and Cancun, like the hotel industry has begun to pick up these ideas. Just as more American and Canadian tourists are starting to take interest in and have a preference for sustainable tourism, many show interest in sustainable development in their property choices. When buyers search MLS listings, keywords indicating efficiency or design that preserves and integrates the natural setting catch their attention. Buyers of luxury condos and villas often consider these features an extra incentive.

These types of features offer benefits on various levels. As with tourism, the idea of sustainability - preserving nature and contributing positively to all registers of society - is gaining a broader appeal in itself. But just as important as the "greater good" are the benefits directly to real estate owners. The state-of-the-art, dual flush system toilets, now included in many homes and condos, are both good for nature, and they save money on the water bill. Specially designed, insulating windows keep the electric bill from the air-conditioner low. While these bills tend to be low in Playa del Carmen anyway, the added comfort indoors is also worth it.

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In Playa del Carmen and Cancun, MLS properties have kept the market very competitive against competition. The idea of sustainability is only one part of the lifestyle and quality which has made these real estate markets among the most attractive that exist.

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