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While there have already been numerous ways to invest in Playa del Carmen Real Estate with excellent return, a recent change in tax laws have made an existing Mexican version of real estate investment trusts (REITs) a more feasible approach, a fact which will bring a new wave of investment into this market, as well as other real estate markets in Mexico. Together with a new program to diversify real estate growth and investment in Playa del Carmen, this new development points to a strong future for this promising market.


Currently, those wishing to invest in Playa del Carmen real estate can do so in a variety of property types, ranging from Playa del Carmen Land for single family home, multi-residential or commercial development to Playa del Carmen Condos, either seeking profit through resale from pre-construction discounts or increase in value, or through rentals.


While these continue to be very feasible investment approaches, a change in tax laws has made investment through REITs more feasible. While the Mexican version of REITs has existed for about 5 years, the tax implications rendered them virtually unusable. The law has eased the tax impact on these investments, making them a more attractive investment option. The federal Ministry of Finance has worked to make these reforms both on a federal and on state level.


REITs invest in several real estate developments, adding liquidity to the market, and giving investors protection from risks ("hedging" risks.) Investors can trade their securities in a fashion similar to shares, and for this reason these funds are usually not subject to corporate income tax. Experts are expecting the new option to attract a significant number of investors. As these funds become more popular, real estate in places like Playa del Carmen will see an increased amount of investment, due to the expanded possibilities.


Another angle on increased investment in Playa del Carmen real estate is a upcoming emphasis on diversification from the Riviera Maya chapter of AMPI, Mexico's Association of Real Estate Professionals. The association's annual convention in 2010 is focusing on bringing new kinds of real estate development to the non-beach side of the federal highway, including universities, health care and retirement facilities, and increased tourism activities. This new angle should bring new possibilities for land investment in the area as well.


The area's growth is going to be supported by a new international airport about an hour away. These points combined point to excellent possibilities in the near future for investing in Playa del Carmen. Those interested in earning money from through the real estate market should investigate which aspect of Playa del Carmen is most suitable for them; the future here is promising.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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