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Despite a recession which left many Americans scrounging for cash, a recent survey provided a list of 10 items which Americans cannot live without. Reviewing this list, we'll see that living in Mexico not only allows Americans to keep enjoying all of the little luxuries on this list, but actually makes most of them easier. The example of Playa del Carmen real estate demonstrates this concept well.


First of all, let's consider the items on the list. 4 of the top items, including #1,2, and 3, are directly related to internet access. #1 on the list of what Americans can't live without is laptop computers, directly related to #2, access to high-speed internet. While residential access to the best internet connections is a given convenience in Playa del Carmen Properties, high-quality wireless internet connections are virtually omnipresent, with many cafes and restaurants on the main downtown tourist strip, Fifth Avenue, as well as the town's two malls, providing clients with password for their wireless network with a simple purchase of a coffee or ice cream. In addition to this, parks also include free wireless connections, meaning you can use your laptop just about wherever you happen to be in Playa.


#5 on the list was music downloads; whether at home or at a local cafe, these high-speed connections allow users the convenience of downloading their favorite tunes while enjoying their relaxing beachfront lifestyle.


Also closely tied into this idea is the rise of smart phones (#3 on the list). The widespread wireless internet access provides free internet as for laptops, but is also complemented by excellent cell phone network coverage across the beachfront, downtown, or in the malls and most of the city. Besides this, a recent website released by, has made iPhones an easy way to do a property search on the run while on vacation in Playa del Carmen.


Movies rounded out the top 5, and both of Playa del Carmen's new malls include the newest large screen technology in their modern movie theaters. American movies are usually played in English with Spanish subtitles for Mexicans. With T.V. as #6 on the list, Playa del Carmen offers excellent cable service - one company provides a high-speed internet, cable and phone package for about $35/month. Satellite T.V. is also readily available for a good price.


Pets made for an interesting #7. While unfortunately no dogs are allowed on the downtown beaches, the rule is not enforced on outlying beaches (but clean up is!), and Fifth Avenue is very dog-friendly, with many dog owners enjoying a snack or a drink with their dog beside them on a sidewalk cafe is a common sight. Playa del Carmen has many excellent vets (who speak English), pet grooomers, dog walkers, pet kennels, doggy daycares, etc. The prices for these luxuries are also much more affordable than back home.


The last two on the list are beer and wine, and coffee. It's a fairly well known fact that in Mexico alcohol is considerably cheaper than in the U.S., and especially than in Canada. Besides the best of Mexican tequila, mezcal (a liquor made from the same plant), and beer, high quality wines from all ove the world are available both in restaurants and the grocery store. And as for coffee, coffee connoisseurs will know that Mexican coffee is high quality, and again, cheaper. For those who love their American coffee brands, the most common names are readily available in the supermarket, and the town already a few Starbuck's locations (although not on every corner yet.)


Both a lower cost of real estate, and a noticeably cheaper day to day expenses (including the items on this list) make Playa del Carmen one of the best options for enjoying all those little things we definitely don't want to give up.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

Mexico Real Estate NETWORK; "Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely!"


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