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Building Your Dream Home in Mexico – Different Styles Part 1

First of all, Happy Holidays, and I hope everyone’s enjoying and celebrating!

About a week or two ago, Tom shared a few articles on the first considerations and steps for building a home in Mexico.  Over these nice relaxing days between Christmas and New Years is  the perfect time to start considering your plans for buying Mexico land for sale and building your dream!  Over the next couple of days I’m going to share some more detailed info on two of the important first steps – choosing a style and then getting permits.

Mexico homes for saleChris Rauton, an experienced builder from the Playa del Carmen real estate area, says “Step 1 is to know what you want;” whether a property owner wants “a luxury home on the beach with modern architectural features,” a charming colonial cottage or just about any other style, generally they’ll be able to go for the style of their dreams, provided that they start with this style in mind; (in some cases it may even be helpful to know the style they want when you choose your lot.)  While there is a great variety of styles, shapes and sizes available, the following are some of the favorites.


Mexico homes for saleModern Luxury

Many people who enjoy the cultural and historical richness of Mexico prefer to enjoy this lifestyle experience from a modern home with plenty large windows, open spaces, flying staircases, clean lines, soft colors, infinity pools, stainless steel and the like. People who prefer this style find that it enhances their relaxation in a pleasant, warm-weather lifestyle.


Mexico homes for saleClassic Colonial

One of Mexico’s architectural claims to fame is the classic colonial style which flourished for a few centuries before the war of independence, after which the more international and later modern influences took hold.  Archways, fountains, courtyards, high ceilings, domes, large wooden beams, elegant stonework, talavera tiles, bright colors and lots of flowers that bloom much of the year – these and many other items define a style that let itself to the very relaxed lifestyle of Mexico’s upper class in days gone by.  While this social class and their lifestyle has all but disappeared, the architectural style continues to be used in private homes, still offering the same charm and relaxation.

Mexico homes for saleTomorrow we will look at the contemporary Mayan and indoor-outdoor styles.

Andy Welbourne, from London, Ontario, has been living in Playa del Carmen and working as a part of the team with Thomas Lloyd for 7 years. He has worked with many Canadians and Americans to assist in finding their dream home in the Mexican Caribbean; many of these clients have turned into great friendships. Contact Andy at (512) 879-6546.

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