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Chan Chemuyil is Tulum’s Charming, Affordable & Hidden Expat CommunityChan Chemuyil en Tulum una comunidad que ofrece encanto y precios bajos.

Over the past few months we’ve shone our community spotlight on several interesting neighborhoods and developments in Playa del Carmen.  A very unique and charming – and affordable – community that probably gets less attention than it deserves is Chan Chemuyil, just outside of Tulum.

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Walking through this residential community, you see quaint, colorful little homes, often decorated with red-clay roofs, beautiful Mexican tile work, palm trees, archways, bougainvillaeas and the like.

But here’s the catch; these little homes were not decorated by Mexicans, but rather by American and Canadian retirees, vacationers and other expats.
Tulum homes for saleHistory

Originally, the subdivision was built for workers at a nearby theme park – Xel-Ha.  When the deal went wrong, an American took control of sales and began selling it to expats at very low prices (i.e. pretty much the same prices as the Mexican workers would’ve paid.)

These expats, besides being people looking for lower prices, liked Mexican style, and painted decorated and improved their homes accordingly.
Tulum homes for saleLocation

The community is right next to the quaint working-class village of Chemuyil, and about a 5 minute drive to the beach.   There is a supermarket just minutes away.  Tulum, with it’s excellent restaurants and shops is about a 10 minute drive away.  All the services, nightlife, international dining and much more is within about 50 minutes.  Cancun’s international airport is about an hour and a half away.

For those looking for a quiet, picturesque community, with a small, but comfortable home that is well within a lower budget, Chan Chemuyil will certainly surpass all expectations!Tulum homes for sale

Malu Guijosa knows that Tulum is a beautiful place where it’s easy for us to get back into touch with nature and the relaxation of a natural lifestyle, while still enjoying the conveniences of modern life. As a real estate broker in Tulum, she helps others buy the property where they can live out this dream. With 6 years of experience as a broker in the area, she offers the knowledge and experience that that buyers look for. To contact Malu, call (512) 879-6546.

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Mexico Real Estate TestimonialsDurante la última semana compartí con ustedes algunas propiedades en promoción en Playa del Carmen, hoy me gustaría compartir algo distinto. Chan Chemuyil es una hermosa comunidad a las afueras de Tulum, caracterizada por su encanto tradicional y su gran tranquilidad.

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Al caminar al interior de la comunidad podrás encontrar pequeñas y coloridas casas decoradas con un estilo bastante tradicional mexicano, con palmas, arcos y techos en teja.

Tulum homes for saleHistoria

Originalmente las viviendas fueron construidas para los trabajadores del parque Xel-Ha. Sin embargo, hubo problemas en la construcción y en la entrega y un americano terminó comprando las viviendas, detallándolas y vendiéndolas, en su mayoría a americanos y canadienses retirados, a precios increíblemente bajos.

Tulum homes for saleUbicación

La comunidad se ubica a escasos 10 minutos de distancia de Tulum y a tan solo 5 minutos de la playa. Tulum ofrece una gran variedad de tiendas, restaurantes, supermercados y vida nocturna. El Aeropuerto Internacional de Cancún se localiza a solo 50 minutos de distancia.

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Chan Chemuyil es el ejemplo perfecto de casas en venta en Tulum a precios verdaderamente bajos y a escasos minutos de sus playas y vida turística. la empresa líder en bienes raíces en México.

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