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Tips for maintaining your Mexico home in top shape

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Keeping your real estate investment in Mexico in tip top shape will have its rewards. If you own a condo or a home or if you’re still looking to purchase, keep in mind that maintenance will need to be performed periodically. Paint will dull and chip both in and outside of the structure. Light switches, outlets and fixtures will need attention. Faucets, toilets and various valves will sometimes need to be cared for.

The plumbing and electrical should be inspected periodically to make sure there are no issues. All these components that make your home comfortable need to be given special attention every once in a while. If any of these items falter, it could further damage your home’s structural soundness and even worse, cause bodily injury to you and/or your family. Keeping a well maintained home will eliminate a lot of future headaches.

Mexico homes are different in the fact that they are built to withstand various climatic elements. Unlike the United States where various materials are used, most all of Mexico’s buildings are constructed with brick and mortar, but still, regular attention to preserve its life expectancy is needed. There are other elements in a home that require preventive maintenance as well. I am going to recommend a few simple tasks that will possibly help keep your home fit and sound for decades to come.

Keeping a good coat of paint is a must

This applies both on the interior and exterior on your home. Paint actually serves two major purposes, the first being very obvious and that is to keep your home looking fresh, vibrant and eye appealing. A new coat of paint is recommended every five to six years – depending on your region. Mexico is a very colorful country, so don’t be afraid to use some brighter colors for accent.

The second reason is just as important as the first, and that is to protect the structure’s exterior walls. This also holds true for exterior doors and windows, including their frames and jams. Paint acts as a shield from the extreme heat Mexico experiences throughout the year. Sealing your home’s surfaces helps resist moisture, which can create mold. It can also deter termites that will eat through almost any type of composites to find food and water.

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Checking electrical outlets and switches should be routine

If a switch shows signs of movement or doesn’t always turn the electricity on or off, nine times out of ten it’s time to replace it. If an outlet doesn’t hold the prongs from a plug tightly within its slots, again it is probably time to replace the outlet. Make sure that the light switches and outlets are securely fastened to the wall. If the plate moves around, it could cause the terminals to touch something that will short circuit.

Ceiling fans and light fixtures mounted overhead can also create a possible mishap, or even worse, personal injury. They should be periodically checked to make sure that their bases are solidly attached to the mounting bracket embedded into the ceiling. While up on the ladder, check lite globes and covers to make sure that they are fastened tightly. Wiping away excess dirt and dust will keep the mechanics of your ceiling fans operating smoothly. It is also advised to have a certified electrician inspect the home’s wiring – depending the age of the home, every five or so years.

Plumbing problems can be sneaky

Plumbing issues can be hard to detect and when the evidence becomes obvious, it can be too late. Mexico’s water can be filled with lots of calcium and other minerals that can accelerate the corrosion process. Hard water can be devastating to metal and plastic parts. There are ways to curtail and/or elude major repairs. One suggestions is to periodically turn off and on major water valves. This will help keep mineral deposit from forming on moveable parts that control water flow.

Washer-less faucets will last a lot longer than their counter parts that use plastic or rubber seals. This is not to say that mineral deposits won’t collect on washer-less sites, but if used frequently, corrosive build up will less likely happen in shorter periods of time. Toilet tank apparatuses are another notorious setup that will create problems. The seal around plunger can attract build- up and cause water to leak out of the tank. This in turn keeps the fill-valve constantly running. If the fill-valve gets corroded, this could also cause the tank to over fill and spill out on to the floor. Just keep an eye on both components and replace when needed.

Water heaters can be tricky

A plumber or handy man might have to be called in for these few preventative maintenance tasks. Both the inlet and outlet ports can and most likely will experience calcium build up. The inlet port lets the tank refill and begin heating water. If the tank doesn’t fill all the way up, it could cause the element to be exposed and burnout. If the outlet gets plugged or restricted, water pressure diminishes drastically.

If your home isn’t equipped with a filtration system, sediment can accumulate at the bottom on the water heater. This makes the heating element work harder and shortens its useful life. All or any of these three problems could cause serious repair issues or even total replacement. A professional might cost you a few dollars, but in the long run it is well worth it.

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Appliances are a necessity…

Keeping them maintained and in good working order saves you lots of time and money. I will outline a few simple ideas on how to extend the three appliances you use most.


  • If you have a refrigerator that has an icemaker and/or water dispenser, make sure you replace the filter under according to the manufactures timeline.
  • Keep behind and underneath the refrigerator free of dirt and dust. The compressor operates much cooler when it’s not covered.
  • Try to keep the refrigerator at least 4 to 6 inches away from the back wall. The compressor needs air flow to stay cool.

Gas Stove

  • Check all gas lines and valves periodically for leaks.
  • Check flame registers and top-plates for clogging debris.
  • Make sure all knobs are working properly by holding a lighter to them when shut off.

Electric Stove

  • Check the heating elements to make sure they are securely fastened to the stove.
  • Make sure all drip pans are grease free (Gas stove as well).
  • Check wires for peeled back insulation and proper connection.


  • Check both the top and bottom heating elements and make sure they are free of caked on food. Use the self-cleaning mode or hand wash when necessary.


  • Run a cleaning agent (found at an appliance store or Walmart), or white vinegar on full wash cycle at least once a month.
  • Check for small leaks by removing the kick-plate underneath the door. Use a flashlight to scan the floor for signs of moisture.

Taking care of your Mexico property can bring you many years of fun living. These simple suggestions can save you time, heartache and most of all, costly expenses. Live the dream of living in Mexico!

We are experts in helping American and Canadians look for their dream home in Mexico and guide them through the purchasing process safely. At TOP Mexico Real Estate… We make it happen!

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Alai – A Project by Zaha Hadid now Available in Cancun


One of the most renowned architects in the world, Zaha Hadid, continues to be an influential figure in architecture and art. Her projects were stunning, surprising and one of a kind, making of her a notable figure in architecture and earning her many recognitions. She was named Dame Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, one of the 100 most powerful women by Forbes and one of the 100 most influential people of the world. She also received the Stirling Prize and was the first woman to ever receive the Pritzer Architecture Prize.

Her architecture studio, Zaha Hadid Architects is based in London and has designed many high-profile projects around the world, including museums, opera houses, housing projects and corporative buildings, among many others. Now, Zaha Hadid Architects is also present in Cancun, Mexico with a stunning Project: Alai by Zaha Hadid.


Live the Privilege in Cancun

Located in a breath-taking setting in Nizuc, Cancun, Alai offers the unique opportunity to not only enjoy being in close contact with nature but also of owning a property designed by Zaha Hadid, one of the most influential architects in the world.

This project is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and the Nichupte Lagoon, blending perfectly with the natural riches of the area. Alai includes 7 towers with stunning facades, each with 12 types of apartments featuring a contemporary design and ample terraces to enjoy the landscape and the surrounding nature.


The 7 towers that make up Alai are placed on a podium that floats over the natural setting, creating the perfect space to admire the views of the Caribbean Sea and the lagoon.

Perfect location in Cancun and great amenities

Alai by Zaha Hadid offers an ideal location in a privileged area of Cancun. It’s close to the hotel zone, with plenty of services and entertainment options nearby: universities, sports clubs, the airport, amusement parks, restaurants, shopping malls… in short, everything you need.

The project also offers outstanding amenities, such as charging spaces for electric cars, and each tower has a private floor for entertainment and leisure.


These are just some of the amenities available in Alai:

  • Security 24/7
  • Business center
  • Movie theatre
  • High-speed elevators
  • Swimming pools
  • Tennis court and multi-purpose court
  • Hotel services in common areas
  • Juice bar
  • Gym
  • Restaurant, bar and coffee shop
  • Massage rooms, zen pool and beauty salon

Take advantage of this opportunity. Alai by Zaha Hadid is the perfect place to live surrounded by nature and beauty. This is a great investment that will only increase its value as the name of Zaha Hadid turns into a legend.

Contact us if you want more information about this outstanding project in Cancun.

At TOP Mexico Real Estate… we make it happen.

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The community of Puerto Aventuras

Pto Aventuras

Puerto Aventuras offers everything you need right within your own surroundings. This prestigious community is only an hour away from the Cancun International airport, an easy fifteen minutes away from the popular Playa del Carmen, and thirty minutes away from Tulum and its Mayan Ruins. Being centrally located gives you the best of all worlds. You are never far away from all the wonderful attractions the Riviera Maya has to offer.

Pto Aventuras

Once you enter the gated community, the tree lined streets with their pedestrian friendly sidewalks offer you a relaxing feel. The perfectly groomed 9-hole executive golf course intertwines throughout the exclusive neighborhoods. There are inlets and waterways that provide boaters, paddle boarders and other water activities easy access to the beautiful Caribbean waters. There is a town center that offers shopping, restaurants with all types of cuisines, and plenty of aquatic activities to keep the family and guest entertained for hours.

Pto Aventuras

There are several upscale hotels and resorts that provide visitors with comfortable stays. The accommodating structures contrast with the serene landscape and blend nicely. Puerto Aventuras offers some of the most beautiful sugar fine white sand beaches where the turquoise blue water of the Caribbean Sea gently moves with subtle waves up and down several miles of pristine shoreline. But it also has dramatic rocky shores which are the perfect scenario for natural stone-carved pools that all Puerto Aventuras residents can enjoy.

Pto Aventuras

Having a home here in Puerto Aventuras is like being on vacation 24/7. For the active person and/or couple or mature family, a condo could be more your style. There are so many designs and floor plans to choose from. Maybe you are looking for a home where you can bring family and friends, or you just like to have a little more room to move around in. There are so many contemporary and traditional designs to choose from that we are positive one will fit your needs perfectly. You can choose to be on the water, overlooking the golf course, or be just steps away from the town’s activities.

Pto Aventuras

Puerto Aventuras offers everyone a unique living experience. If you are looking for a place to stay long-term, a vacation destination or an investment property with privileges, you have selected the perfect spot to fulfill some or all of those needs. Comfortable living at a very affordable cost.

Do you want to see more? Watch this video to see some of the things that you can do in Puerto Aventuras!

Video Pto Avnturas

And remember… We make it happen!

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This is a great special for investors looking to buy a property in Tulum!

Yaxiik Villas is an innovative project located in Aldea Zama, just a short bike ride from the stunning beaches of Tulum, and all the attractions of this world-renowned destination.

And currently, Yaxiik Villas has two different specials for you to invest in Tulum.

Besides the great location, what makes this development special?

These are some of the features that make Yaxiik Villas an outstanding investment.

  • These 2 and 3-bedroom villas offer modern features and ample spaces for a comfortable stay for families or groups of friends.
  • These eco-chic homes were designed to be a perfect fit with the jungle-like setting that surrounds the property and feature large windows to enjoy the surrounding nature.
  • Yaxiik Villas offers an innovative architectural design to the area. Why settle for a condo, when you can have a stunning home?
  • All the villas offer a gorgeous rooftop terrace to enjoy the views of the jungle, and a pergola that provides a shaded lounge area.
  • These villas are equipped to install solar panels. Take advantage of the sunny days of the Riviera Maya to lower your electricity bills!


Take advantage of the specials!

The first phase of Yaxiik Villas is already sold out, and the developer decided to promote the sales of the second phase by offering 10% off on cash sales. This special is valid through March 31st, 2017.

This is a great chance to invest in a stunning property in Tulum and to take advantage of the active rental market of this world-renowned destination!

But if you don’t have the funds to pay cash, there’s another option to invest in Yaxiik Villas: with a 40% down payment, you can get direct 12-month financing interest free! This special is valid through February 28th, 2017.


Tulum is a strong market to invest in Real Estate

The coastline of Tulum makes it a very special place, where most of the beachfront strip is covered with small eco-chic hotels which offer a limited amount of rooms. This makes of Tulum a rather expensive location to stay.

For this reason, vacation rentals are becoming more and more popular as an affordable option to stay in Tulum. And currently Aldea Zama, the neighborhood where Yaxiik Villas is located, is the closest to the beach, which makes it a great place to invest due to the price of the properties, the great location and the beautiful urban design.

You can get to the beach in just a few minutes on a bike or car (and even walking) and the area comes with a nice bike path to make the trip to the beach safe and easy.

Invest in Tulum! Check out Yaxiik Villas.





There are different ways to apply for a Temporary Residency Visa in Mexico, and for those who have invested in Mexico Real Estate or are thinking about it, you will be interested in  knowing that ownership in Mexico can qualify you for this visa.

Recently we asked Adriana Vela at Mexlaw for an update of the requirements for applying for a Temporary Residency Visa as a real estate owner in Mexico or as an investor.

In her opinion, expats looking to invest in business or purchase property in Mexico will want to have their residence visa in order. Typically you will provide documents proving your income and show that you can support yourself while living in Mexico, but if you are an investor or own real estate in Mexico you may already qualify for a Temporary Residency Visa.

Temporary Residency Visa

This visa is designed for foreigners who intend to stay in the country for more than 180 days and up to four years. The temporary resident card will only be granted for one year. After the first year, temporary residents can apply for one, two or three years renewal of the temporary resident card.

Depending on the category you wish to apply under you will submit the following information. Check with the consulate in the state you plan to apply in as the exact dollar amount may be different from state to state and fluctuate with the exchange rate.

The application process is completed in two steps:

The process begins with an interview at a Mexican Consulate outside of Mexico and finalizes in Mexico by doing something called canje (exchange) at the INM (Instituto Nacional de Migración).


  • Printed application visa form, on both sides, duly completed and signed.
  • Passport or identity card and valid and current trip, original and copy of the page where the photo and personal data appears.
  • A small photograph with unveiled face, without glasses, front, colored with white background.
  • Payment of fees in cash for the issuance of visa.

Exchange (CANJE)

  • Original and copy of passport
  • Original and copy of visa
  • Proof of address
  • Two front and one right profile photos (2.5 x 3.0 cm, white background, uncovered forehead, no  earrings, no necklaces, without smiling)

To apply as a real estate owner in Mexico you need to show:

Original and copy of Deed executed before a notary public attesting that the foreign person owns property with a value in excess of $151,000 USD.


To apply as an Investor you need to provide:

  1.  Documentation of the Mexican entity executed before a Notary Public, or document duly certified stating that foreign person participates in the capital of the Mexican corporation. Also provide proof that the investment amount exceeds $90,000 USD which may be furnished by contract for the sale of stocks or shares, property or rights for the Mexican entity or document certifying the latter amount contributed by way of participation in the share capital, original and copy issued; or
  2.  A document certifying the ownership of chattels for the foreign legal entity, with a value in excess of $90,000 USD, in original and copy; or
  3.  Documents which support the development of economic or business activities in Mexico, which may be credited, declarative but not limited to, contracts, service orders, invoices, receipts, business plans, licenses or permits. Also provide a certificate issued by the Mexican Social Security Institute stating that the foreign person’s employer has at least five workers, original and copy.

Now, even if you do not wish to have investments in Mexico, you still may apply for a temporary residency visa as shown below.

  • Financial Solvency

Provide the original and copy of proof of investments or bank accounts statements showing an average monthly balance of $32,000.00 Canadian dollars/ $25,000 USD during the last twelve months; or

Provide the original and copies of documents proving employment or pension tax- free with a monthly income by an amount greater than $1,900.00 Canadian dollars/$1,500 USD during the past six months.

Benefits of Temporary Residency:

  • Temporary Residency allows the holder to get a registration number called CURP (Clave Unica de Registro de Poblacion). CURP holders are permitted to open bank accounts, legally register a car, possibly avoid paying capital gains tax on the future sale of a Mexican home, plus other benefits.

Keep in mind

  • The total time to complete this procedure is approximately three months in the Riviera Maya; other states may have a different waiting time.
  • If you enter Mexico with a pre-authorized visa while your temporary residency visa is in process, you need to remain in the country for a minimum seven business days before requesting permission to travel. Leaving without permission will cancel your visa.

If you have questions about Immigrating to Mexico, contact Adriana Vela at


And remember, at Top Mexico… We make it happen!

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