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Investing in a Condo Hotel

Kit: Investing in a Condo Hotel

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Would you like to purchase an investment property in Mexico? Are you looking for a condo that requires less effort to manage but at the same time, generates a consistent stream of revenue? You probably think that something like that doesn't really exist. But that is not always the case. Buying a condo-hotel is a fantastic way to invest in Mexico, and here are some reasons why this destination is an excellent option:

  • There's no better destination to generate year-round rental income
  • It's a great place to have a vacation get-away for you and the family
  • Your investment will grow in value year-after-year

Within the condo environment, there is a concept labeled condo-hotel. The simple definition of a condo-hotel is where condominiums are designed to accommodate temporary stays in a resort hotel-style environment. Besides being practically handsfree, here are some other advantages to owning a condo-hotel.

  • Full Titled Ownership - This means that the owner holds title and can be deeded following proper Mexico protocol to any of their heirs. Unlike timeshares, the owner has a specific condo that they rent and are responsible for. They can rent and visit it whenever they want.
  • Enjoying the Profit from your condo - One of the most exciting parts of having a condo investment in Mexico is generating a return on investment. Condo-hotels include an on-site management company that will take care of almost all the condo's needs.
  • Resort Services in your Condo-Hotel - A Condo-hotel has virtually the same amenities, if not more than any other condo complex. There are pools, lounging areas, bar-restaurants, and a gym and spa to mention only a few of the amenities.

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