Traveling With Your Pet to Mexico

Kit: Traveling With Your Pet to Mexico

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Those of us with furry friends know that they are often just as much a part of our family! That's why this could be our number one concern whenever we're traveling aboard. However, traveling to Mexico with pets is entirely possible! Coming to Mexico can be a pet holiday too. As long as your cat or dog is older than three months, you will be able to bring them to Mexico with you. But there are a few regulations to consider. To make sure that both you and your dog or cat are able to enjoy our vacation, check out this free Kit for some tips and recommendations for travelling with pets. In this Kit, Traveling to Mexico with your Pet you will learn more about:

  • The documents you need to prepare and bring with you to allow your pet into Mexico
  • The process for a pet who is arriving in Mexico, including examinations and inspections
  • What equipment and supplies you are able to bring with you, and what you will need to purchase once you arrive
  • When it may be necessary to pay an additional fee or when you are exempt

When traveling with your pet to Mexico you may expect that your cat or dog will be able to relax with you in your room or rental. However, there are also opportunities designed with your dog in mind! In this Kit, you will also learn about DOG HOLIDAY a place specially designed for the care and comfort of your pet. Traveling with your pet won't just mean leaving them in your room while you go out their services include doggy daycare, boarding and obedience training! At DOG HOLIDAY, dogs play in appropriate groups in a large and shady playground. Your furry friend will be attended 24 hours a day by an experienced team of animal caregivers in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

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