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Kit: Mexico’s Immigration Law

Kit: Mexico's Immigration Law

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Most people use a tourist VISA to visit Mexico. However, Mexico Immigration Laws change periodically. For example, the Permanent Residency change was to expedite the process to be much quicker than in the past. This kit will go over several topics regarding Mexico immigration laws and the benefits of certain resident status.

Mexico Immigration Laws - If you are planning to be in Mexico for shorter lengths of time or fewer months, you will only need a Tourist VISA. This type of Visa is the most common and probably your best option. It allows visitors from certain countries to immediately receive their Tourist VISA at Customs.

The kit will also discuss in detail Temporary and Permanent Residency in Mexico. Both of these applications have advantages that apply to work and earning a wage, owning real estate, and tax implications.

Getting your first VISA to Live in Mexico - After your application is accepted, your one-time fee is paid, and you met all of Mexico's requirements, you are on your way to being a permanent resident in Mexico. Some of the advantages include unlimited entry and exits. This particular session talks more in detail regarding this and many more benefits.

Exemption from Capital Gains Taxes on Property Sales - Having several taxation benefits can save the seller lots of money. Other real estate tax advantages can be had when you become a legal resident of Mexico. Being a legal citizen in Mexico, you enjoy not only an incredible real estate market, but also lower capital gain taxes as well.

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