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What's your dream home in Mexico like?

To help you visualize and find your dream home, take a few minutes to look over this checklist and choose the options you like best!
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Area of interest 

Where do you want to buy?

To start your search, make sure you know which part of Mexico you're interested in. Not sure yet? Read our brief descriptions, look at the rest of the checklist and give us a call so we can help you.


This area is known for its beautiful landscapes which blend mountains, deserts and splendid sunsets.

 La Paz
 Los Cabos
 Rocky Point


The Pacific is defined by mountainous shorelines, wide beaches and sunsets that set the sky on fire.

 Puerto Vallarta
 Puerto Escondido



This large area is well-loved for its colonial towns, rugged hills and beautiful lakes.

 Lake Chapala
 San Miguel de Allende
 Valle de Bravo


The Yucatan Peninsula's white beaches with turquoise water are considered to be the most beautiful in the world. Mayan pyramids and colonial charm likewise add flavor to the area.

 Playa del Carmen
 Costa Maya





What specific kind of location do you prefer within your area?

Feel free to define this before you define the specific city. It may help you define you

 Golf Front



Property Type 

What property type(s) will suit your needs?

Narrowing the property types can save you time during the search so you don't spend time viewing properties that won't suit your purpose. On the other hand, if you really can consider more than one type, it's good to have more options available.

 Home / Villa
 Development LOT
 Residential LOT



Price Range 

How much will you be investing in your property?

Remember that there are closing costs (2-4% depending on the region) to consider when you plan your budget. When you talk to your agent, be sure to ask about any additional costs that may be involved and your budget will work out as planned!

  Below $ 100,000 USD
  $100,000 USD to $ 200,000 USD
  $200,000 USD to $ 300-000 USD
 $300,000 USD to $ 400,000 USD
 $400,000 USD to $ 500,000 USD
  $500,000 USD to $ 600,000 USD
 $600,000 USD to $ 700,000 USD
 $700,000 USD to $ 800,000 USD
 $800,000 USD to $ 900,000 USD
 $800,000 USD to $ 1,000,000 USD
 Over $ 1,000,000 USD




Will you be using financing for your property purchase Mexico?

There are a variety of financing options for Americans and Canadians buying in Mexico. If you are interested, you will need to answer the following questions to see which option works for you.

Will you need a loan for your real estate purchase?



Are you considering financing in your home country or in Mexico?

 Home Country     Mexico   


Do you have a mortgage broker or contact with a bank in Mexico?



Which bank or mortgage broker are you working with? Where are they located?



What are your goals for the property that you are buying?

It's important to define your purpose(s) for buying. This will help you and your agent identify the right property for you more easily. Put a percentage beside each purpose.

My purpose is:





 Wish list 

Are there other items you would like to see in your property?

It helps to think about any and all features you need and/or want in your dream property in Mexico!

Below, please describe any additional desired features:



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