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Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Benefits from Promotion in Tourism

Michael Green, puertovallarta Broker By Michael Green

In many of the favorite destinations for American and Canadian expats, Mexico property value is closely tied into tourism activity, and this is certainly the case of Puerto Vallarta properties. For this reason, buyers will be interested in knowing the progress of Puerto Vallarta's tourism promotion. While Puerto Vallarta already fairs very well in tourism, the are continues to introduce programs to advance even farther in the area of promotion.

The area's current programs were recently presented in a breakfast-press conference with some of Puerto Vallarta's key players in tourism and promotion. The press conference included the members of the city's Convention and Visitors Bureau, including the chair of the bureau, Dennis Whitelaw, and the 8 other members of the board.

In the conference the board members outlined the advancement in areas such as the increase of air travel options – more providers, more routes and more destinations – as well as an improved presence on the internet, increased sponsorship for events in the area.

The commercial director, Antonia Lavender, reported that she has worked to establish a strategic platform that covers the objective to attract more visitors to this tourist destination. One part of the program was carry out over 200 interviews, lectures and presentations with employers in the area to gain their input, as well to identify areas of opportunity and acknowledge the efforts that various organizations were contributing to Puerto Vallarta's tourism as a whole.

The engineer José Luis Díaz Borioli was instrumental in recommending the need to strengthen Puerto Vallarta's development in electronic media and have a new image on the Internet, which has been given high priority. The OCV opened the project to intense competition and bidding, choosing an agency which will be capable of improving this aspect of promotion.

On the whole, those buying Puerto Vallarta real estate can have confidence in the strength of the area's tourism. Currently it is the second most visited location in Mexico (after Cancun) and is home to one of the largest expat communities. The ongoing efforts to improve promotion mean that these numbers will remain strong, continuing to draw investment and offering more services to residents.

Puerto Vallarta's strong positioning in the tourism industry, and the many services, activities and conviences which have resulted are good for both residents, meaning they will enjoy use of these benefits, as well as for investors, who will see ongoing vacation rental income from growing tourist numbers.

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