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Yucatan Homes – Life in a World Cultural Destination

Thomas Lloyd,  Broker By Thomas Lloyd

One of the growing options for retirees in Mexico has been Yucatan homes in or near the colonial city center of Merida, the area's largest city and cultural center. One of the benefits has been that growing tourism has brought new investment to help restore and improve this romantic city center.

This aspect has been receiving special attention from the state government, which has been placing a growing amount of emphasis on drawing visitors from Asia and Europe, promoting both tours of archeological wonders nearby (such as Chichen Itza, now one of the Wonders of the Ancient World,) and visits in the beautiful colonial city.

One important point is that the fact that Merida and the area's Mayan ruins can draw large number of visitors from Europe and China, which also include monuments of large and advanced ancient civilizations, as well as centuries-old cities with large amounts of history and culture; this means that these attractions in Yucatan at least match, if not outdo, the counterparts in those areas, which have had a long-standing history of tourism and expat communities.

While visitors from both the U.S. and other countries around the world continue to draw important investment, infrastructure and services (such as store, shopping centers and hospitals) Yucatan offers one important benefit for expats that is more difficult to find elsewhere; it is very affordable.

Cheap Mexico real estate abounds in Yucatan, not only in old colonial homes, ideal for a renovation project to convert them into the home of your dreams, but also in modern condos and comfortable, new or renovated houses, ready to move in and begin enjoying life in Yucatan.

The cost of living is also very low in Yucatan. Groceries are cheaper, with options such as large international supermarkets (Walmart, etc.) or local fruit and vegetable markets, where very fresh and high-quality produce can be found, often at lower prices. Fresh fish is also available for very good prices; as you can see, eating healthily becomes very easy. Electricity is heavily subsidised by the government, making it easy to keep the electric bill much lower. Everything from traveling to hospital bills will present substantial savings.

Part of the investment which visitor have brought have also allowed modern, state-of-the-art hospitals to be opened, and a new emphasis has been placed on health care especially for retirees.

Retirees will do well to visit Yucatan and find out why so many people from so many different countries are coming to visit; while they're visiting they will almost certainly want to investigate a home in Yucatan.

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