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Mexico Real Estate on the Beachfront; Cancun Condos at their Best

Cyndi Ader,  Broker By Cyndi Ader

In the Mexico real estate market, one image which has grown strong as the defining idea for the ideal expat life in this country is that of beautiful condo overlooking a wide, white beach, with turquoise water beyond. Where did this image come from? The classic Cancun condo in the city's hotel district ...

While a number of other cities also provide an excellent beachfront lifestyle, Cancun real estate has played a defining role in the ideal life imagined by the soon-to-be expat. Only 50 years ago, Cancun was nothing more than a miles upon miles of abandoned beachfront surrounded by jungle that had been growing undisturbed for the past 400 years. No Mayan villages, no trading outposts or fishing communities – nothing.

Then the bank of Mexico decided to invest into a new kind of project; an "integrated resort community," creating a new standard of modern, upscale lifestyle on the beach, attracting both foreign investors and Mexican entrepreneurs. It started with a resort project on the tip of the peninsula (the miles-long sand part, jutting out from the mainland, separated from the current location of the city by a large lagoon.)

The idea was to create a hotel district and upscale condominium community which would rival world-wide favorites for beachfront comfort. And it was successful.

Today, real estate buyers from the United States, Canada, and all over the world, can choose from a wide range of condominiums, from small units in high-rise condo-hotels to very private villas in gated complexes. Prices can fit just about any budget. But they all have one thing in common; quick, easy access to the awe-inspiring beachfront which has captured the hearts of so many visitors.

Besides high-quality hotels for visitors and condos for the city's new residents, the project also aimed to create a comfortable, international-quality lifestyle. This part of the project was likewise successful, with new, large malls, pleasant outdoor shopping plazas, international restaurants, world-class hospitals, large-screen movie theaters, golf courses and much more.

The nature which not that long ago dominated this site is still very much in tact – obviously a small area has been used to construct the city. But beyond this, there are eco-parks, where residents can enjoy close contact with the area's nature and cultural heritage, and beautiful "cenotes" where residents enter the opening to a whole underground world of waterways!

Consider life in a Cancun condo!

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Region: Cancun Real Estate by Cyndi Ader, originally from the US, has been living in Cancun, Mexico for 17 years. She is a member of A.M.P.I. (The Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals) and is currently a member of the International Relations Committee. She is also an international affiliate of NAR (National Association of Realtors). She is the owner/broker of Cancun Properties Real Estate and specializes as a buyer’s broker.


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