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Buying Puerto Vallarta Land – Step #1, Your Agent

Michael Green, puertovallarta Broker By Michael Green

Buying Puerto Vallarta real estate is a dream for many Americans and Canadians, wishing to enjoy a wonderful beachfront lifestyle in a happening city with very large expat population, blended with a rich local culture and history.

One option which buyers may consider is that of Puerto Vallarta land. Considering the current market conditions (defined by a large supply of condos making that an buyer's market) buyers should approach this option with due care.

For this reason it is VERY IMPORTANT that the first step that buyers take is to find the right Mexico agent working in the Puerto Vallarta area. This agent will ensure several things, including:

  • all suitable land options are presented to you – you choose the right option

  • your needs will be evaluated and take #1 priority

  • you will be advised if other property options suite your needs better

  • you will be advised as completely as possible about market conditions so you can make an informed decision

Identifying this agent is an important task which deserves plenty of time investment. Steps to follow can include:

  • identify several agents

  • interview them, ask for qualifications (certificates, courses, experience)

  • ask for references

  • talk to those references (just having the name in your hand isn't enough!)

  • check around the community – what is their reputation?

Some pitfalls to avoid include:

  • contacting only the first agent you see on a lot's for sale sign (they could be right, but do your homework!)

  • assuming that a big international name means the most qualified

  • thinking that if you have bought land in your home country, you can do it here, on your own!

Don't make these fairly common mistakes; do your research and choose an agent that will best represent and work for your needs. The entire process of finding a selection of good lots, evaluating them, choosing the best ones, making offers, negotiating prices and closing the purchase will go more smoothly. While there is no guarantee that the process will be easy, the final outcome – the lot which you will build on and invest in – will be the biggest indicator that your time investment paid off.

Buying land in Puerto Vallarta can be a very worthwhile undertaking, but make sure you do it right. Find the right agent for you at the beginning.

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