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The Playa del Carmen property market has become one in which the primary property types which buyers consider are condos and villas. While this is with good reason, since many good, new developments are on the market, as well as improved re-sales, Playa del Carmen land is still an excellent investment option.


The following are a few facts which indicate the value of buying Mexico land in Playa del Carmen.


1. Playa del Carmen is the fastest growing municipality in Latin America


This means that there are new subdivisions, new stores, new shopping centers and growing demand for new homes. Land investors have the opportunity to take advantage of this growth, building homes, commercial development or a commercial-condo combination, with a growing market to support this addition.


2. The Economy is Diversifying.


While tourism is strong and growing, the Municipal government has also begun to focus on attracting diversity in large-scale investment, such as higher education institutions. This means that the growth seen now will continue to be healthy, and with the type of investment sought, Playa del Carmen's lifestyle atmosphere will remain relaxing, with an increase pleasant neighborhoods. For land investors in it is important to know that the growth is being planned, investment will be increasing, and that the city's atmosphere is being given high priority.


3. Land Appreciation is Healthy.


Because of these very factors, land in Playa del Carmen has retained a healthy appreciation rate. While land right downtown is becoming less common, even these lots pose good investment opportunities for tourism-related activities. More notable, however, is the land in outlying areas, especially back from the beachfront, where the majority of new development is being focused; in some areas land has appreciated up to 44%!


If you are considering buying in Playa del Carmen, consider the possibility of land investment. Other excellent options such as condos and villas have also been excellent investments, but land presents a special case which could potentially be one of the most profitable.


Because of the nature of the market, however, expertise from professionals knowledgeable of the market history, current trends, land prices, development trends and future development plans is especially necessary. Before embarking on your land search, contact an experienced and qualified Playa del Carmen real estate agent to guide you through the search and purchase process.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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