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Puerto Vallarta Real Estate – Benefits of Gourmet Festival

Michael Green, puertovallarta Broker By Michael Green

If you are buying Puerto Vallarta real estate, you will be interested to know that in mid-November, this city will be hosting the International Gourmet Festival. Why would this interest you? The following are a few reasons.

1. You can enjoy it. The founders of the festival, Thierry Blouet, Heinz Reize and Roland Menetrey, have taken the concept of the most important gastronomic festival in Mexico to another level; this is an event that not only chefs enjoy, but there is space for the enjoyment of diners and lovers of food culture as well.

In addition to gourmet dishes, there are also tables Chef's special chocolate tasting, a winemakers night, a night of cheese from various parts of the world, among other items.

2. It promotes Puerto Vallarta. International Gourmet Festival brings together the best restaurants in Puerto Vallarta. There are the four gourmet "Safari routes," which include establishing a progressive dinner at four restaurants to discover the seasonings of guest chefs. These tours have a special food matching for each station.

Renowned, award-winning chefs from various parts of the world will be visiting to participate in the event, which will draw large amounts of attention to the Puerto Vallarta as a destination for gourmet dining.

3. It increases property value. Mexico property value is closely tied to the amount and type of tourism in the area. If you are investing in luxury property, events which promote cultured taste such as as this one will draw the attention of tasteful buyers, just as it will draw attention of tasteful food connoisseurs. This is good for both luxury property rentals and for condo and home resales.

4. It means you will have better food in Puerto Vallarta. The event promotes the sharing of creativity. This festival is not a competition, in essence, but is designed to share ideas. It means everybody wins, especially you as a person who enjoys fine dining.

Events such as this one can be fully enjoyed by vacationers. But why settle for enjoying one or two events a year? Why not enjoy this kind of luxury lifestyle all year round, or at least most of the year? Consider buying Puerto Vallarta real estate, and enjoy life at its finest.

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