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Puerto Vallarta Real Estate – What to Look for in Your Condo

Michael Green, puertovallarta Broker By Michael Green

If you are considering Puerto Vallarta real estate, one main options you've probably considered is that of a condo. In the current market, which has a large number of new units for sale, you as the buyer are in an excellent position to choose the unit best for you.

To help you make this choice critically, the following are a few items to look for in the Mexico condo you choose in Puerto Vallarta.

Property Quality – On the visual surface, this is the point we as buyers notice most quickly, and tend to give most of the attention. Features such as the design, layout, common areas, pools, etc. stand out in our mind, and are very important. It is also important to check the reputation of the builder and developer when buying a new condo, and ask your agent about previous customer satisfaction. If buying resale, a property inspection is always in order.

Location – Most buyers will also think about location. It is important to remember that there are numerous good options, depending on each buyers needs. Directly on the beachfront is attractive, but tends to be pricier. Units farther back in the hillside communities can offer much better prices, while still having amazing views, and only a short walk or drive from the beach. Most of the favorite expat communities include shopping, dining and nightlife nearby. If you are buying in an "up-and-coming" community, make sure it is near existing conveniences, just in case the gentrification process takes longer than expected.

Resell-ability – Most of the features mentioned above will also weigh in well if you need to resell your property in the future. It is important to consider how important reselling with financial gain is for your situation; some areas might resell very well, but not with significant appreciation. If looking for return on investment, you as a buyer may wish to re-focus your purchase on vacation rentals, or other property investment techniques.

Access – If you are retired, it will probably be important to buy on the ground floor, or in a building with elevators. Even if this is not an issue now, it may be a consideration a few years down the road. If you are living without a car, then taxi stands, etc. nearby would be important. If you are planning on owning a car, parking near to your unit, an elevator running from the parking level to your unit or similar conveniences could be important, depending on your needs.

In the current Puerto Vallarta real estate market, it will not be difficult to find a unit with all of these features, or the particular combination of features which you will need. Make sure you are aware of your needs, and let your agent know, so they can help you find the most suitable unit.

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