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Mexican Retirement Communities; Comparing Costs to the U.S.

Thomas Lloyd,  Broker By Thomas Lloyd

When choosing a Mexico retirement community, some of the main motivations for Americans and Canadians include the warm weather, beautiful nature, colorful, friendly culture; but one of the top motivations remains the lower cost of retiring in Mexico.

Online cost of living comparisons between living in Mexico and living in the U.S. or Canada help to demonstrate that the savings are significant for those who choose a retirement community in Mexico. Some of the features that turn up on these comparisons include:

Health Care. This is an especially important point for retirees, emphasized more now with the growing costs of healthcare and the uncertainty around the benefits of the new reforms. While high-quality and quick healthcare is just becoming less and less accessible for Americans, Mexico offers state-of-the-art private hospitals which are ranked internationally on par with those in the U.S., and cost 50-70% less on average. Even for those who have access to free or subsidized healthcare (like in Canada) the speed and quality of service is often not up to par; in Mexico, there are no waiting lines, and doctors and nurses take time to talk to patients carefully about their health.

Real Estate. Whether it's a gated, private Mexico retirement community, or a pleasant home in an old city, or peaceful little town, the prices will be significantly lower than similar properties in the U.S. or Canada, and, in all likelihood, the weather will be much better!

Groceries and Basic Day to Day Items. While Walmart exists in most large cities and tourist towns, there are also the Mexican counterparts, in many other places, which are modern, well organized and sell international products for similar prices, sometimes even better. Walmart also has a "discount" chain which sells many of the same products at noticeably lower prices (many Mexicans don't consider Walmart "cheap," but more like foreign luxury!) Fresh fruit markets, as well as butcher or fish shops, offer these products fresh daily, high quality and at very good prices.

Travel & Outings. Everything from a group outing to the nearby pyramids to going downtown for a fine dinner and a few drinks will cost much less than doing so at home. This means retirees can either live on less, or enjoy a few extra little luxuries for these very relaxing years.

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