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Investors are looking to Tulum real estate for the Yucatan Peninsula's next big boom, with a special focus on Mexico land for sale. Other than investors' interest, reports of a strong Mexican economy for 2011 are also an excellent indicator.

Recently Mexico's economic success was show off by the country's President, Felipe Calderon, at the 15th Annual Latin American Conference with the Santander Group, one of the region's major banks.

During his message, Calderón said that Mexico is back on a growth path, with a strong economy, armored finance, able to withstand any external turbulence, and is especially to take advantage of global economic recovery.

The boasting comes with due reason; Mexico's economy has already cashed in on the global economic recovery, with growth of 5 to 6% for 2010, and an expected growth of at least a factor of 1.5 times more than the recover of the U.S. during 2011 (forecast at 4% for Mexico.)

How does this affect investment in land in Tulum? Mexico's ongoing growth means that large-scale foreign investment will continue to flow into the country, bring more infrastructure and increasing business opportunities, especially in the area of tourism. Tulum's real estate boom will be directly tied to the success of tourism in the area and the ongoing increase in services and infrastructure that foreign investment has already brought.

Combine this with an international airport already advancing in the preparation stages. This adds up to good news for those who own land in Tulum.

This was the exact message that the President of Mexico stressed to international entrepreneurs and investors in the Santander conference. He also emphasized that Mexico's tremendous economic strength is backed by foreign reserves and financial resources available, totaling almost 200 billion dollars, allowing the country to face any set back, and provide conditions for advancement and new development.

In this context, said the country is better positioned than ever to take advantage of global economic recovery, which, although still only beginning, is clearly visible.

In addition to a commitment to bring economic recovery to the average Mexican citizen and unemployed families, the President also said that his government will improve conditions of legal certainty for those who live or invest in Mexico.

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