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Where do healthy tourism and excellent retirement meet? In Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta retirement reaps many benefits from being one of the top tourist destinations in Mexico and beyond.

Mexico retirement destinations for Americans and Canadians also tend to be the top tourism picks. For this reason, it is no surprise that Puerto Vallarta is a top choice for both. The good news is that Mexico is making an ever stronger effort to strengthen tourism; this, in turn, brings retirees many benefits.

One of the most significant recent efforts in this area was a meeting between Mexico's Minister of Tourism, and the Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization, Taleb Rifai. The two agreed to join efforts in coordination to assist in placing and maintaining Mexico among the top five nations for world tourism.

Mexico is already by far the top destination for American tourists – the world's largest source of travellers. Maintaining a position as one of the top nations world-wide means several things for retirees in Puerto Vallarta. One is that there will be an ongoing presence of visitors from back home, contributing to the existence of the large expat community, which is currently one of the main attractions for retirees, offering the comfort of being around neighbors from back home.

Another is that many retirees use their Puerto Vallarta home or condo only part of the year; a healthy number of visitors to Mexico, means increasing numbers to Puerto Vallarta, which, in turn, means a good market for vacation rentals. Owning a retirement property is always easier when there is a possibility to generate an income from that home to cover some expenses.

All of this points back to the efforts such as the one mentioned above. In that effort, the two representatives pledged to work together to enhance tourism in Mexico – especially places like Puerto Vallarta - which will increase the number of foreign visitors, generate more jobs in the sector and increase investment.

The three priorities of Mexican government in tourism are to increase competitiveness in the sector, to facilitate the process of national and foreign private investment, and to promote sustainable tourism areas where residents can live both enjoy the tourism activities and live comfortably and in a pleasant atmosphere.

On the whole, retirees in Puerto Vallarta have everything to gain from this kind of effort.

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