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The factor which most directly effects the value of Mexico beachfront for sale is the number of foreign buyers interested in the market, a factor directly linked to the number of expats living in the area and the number of tourists visiting.

For this reason, it is good news for Mexico real estate investors that more foreigners continue to visit and move to Mexico, despite widespread media coverage of drug conflicts in parts of the country.

One recent evidence of this is the fact that Mexico remains the second highest destination in the world for welcoming cruise ship visitors; companies continue to have a high level of confidence in investing in on Mexico.

For example, Royal Caribbean is opening offices in Mexico.

Cruise activity benefits the real estate market very generally as a part of tourism, but also directly brings the benefit of more visitor exposure for those considering a Mexico homes for sale as a means of generating income from vacation rental.

Some of Mexico's most major cruise destinations, such as Cozumel and Puerto Vallarta, are also among the top choices for expat communities and foreign real estate investors.

Another move re-affirming Mexico's role as a leading cruise destination is the recent creation of Ocean Star Cruises, the first Mexican-operated cruise operator, founded entirely on entirely Mexican funds, starting in the Mexican Pacific (including Puerto Vallarta) because of the high demand in that area.

As for the drug-related violence, it is a real issue, which has been a point of concern from U.S. authorities among others.

However, those who have visited and lived in Mexico have noticed that these problems are isolated and do not affect the majority of the country. New tourists and real estate buyers have been making contact with those who have already had experienced in Mexico, gaining confidence that the issues in the news are at a safe distance from the key real estate market areas.

The value of personal testimony attesting to the safety of living in Mexico has proven to be stronger than exaggerated media coverage. Statistics also back the feeling of safety, placing many communities in Mexico at a safer level than many cities in the U.S.

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