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Mexico's President, Felipe Calderon, has officially declared 2011 a "year of tourism" for Mexico. What does this mean for Playa del Carmen condos for sale in the new up-and-coming area just north of town? Consider this.

Several developments of condos for sale in this part of town are among the best prices for properties of this size, quality and distance to the beachfront. This is because the area is still new, and just beginning to emerge as Playa del Carmen's next upscale real estate area. As developments fill in, prices are sure to go up drastically simply because of the value of owning property in Playa del Carmen, close to the beach, next to 2 professional golf courses, and surrounded by other upscale development.

This is purely on Playa del Carmen's current real estate trends.

Now add to this the fact that Mexico's President actually signed a decree by which 2011 will be considered as the Year of Tourism in Mexico; this means he and his government are 100% dedicated to investing in and increasing tourism in this country.

As part of the process, he told his cabinet, "We will concentrate all the effort, not just the Government, every secretary, every document you sign, every action you take must consider and be aware of the fac that 2011 is Year of Tourism." This is not just the Ministry of tourism. It's all efforts from the government.

Part of this effort has already been revealed through the 2011 budget; an increase of more than 22 percent has been made for tourism over 2010's budget, including an unprecedented 1.7 billion pesos (approx. $140 million USD) purely for promotion.

Playa del Carmen has been one of the areas to benefit the most from Mexico's growing tourism industry over the past decades, drawing enough new tourism over the past 10 years to position itself as one of Latin America's fastest growing communities.

An increase in tourism in Mexico means more tourism in Playa del Carmen. This means more investment, more services, and, finally, more demand for high quality Playa del Carmen condos in upscale areas near the beach, leading to even higher property values.

All factors point to the excellent tourism potential for properties in this part of Playa del Carmen. Savvy buyers will buy now.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

Mexico Real Estate NETWORK; "Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely!"


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