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One of the wonderful advantages of Mexico real estate is that there are always new, up-and-coming areas opening up for investment. Of two areas that offer particular potential, one is sort-of the "next in line" in an area that has proven its strength several times over – Tulum real estate – and the other is a whole region of Mexico that has just begin to attract international discover – Oaxaca real estate.

Tulum is located on the Yucatan Peninsula about an hour south of Playa del Carmen, or about 2 hours south of Cancun. The area has already seen three huge success stories in real estate; first Cancun, than the island of Cozumel, and currently Playa del Carmen as Latin America's fastest growing community – growth due solely to tourism and expat real estate investment.

A new international airport is in the early stages for Tulum; investors are already beginning to pay careful attention to Mexico land for sale in Tulum, and a few opportunities are showing up for excellent condos and homes. Tourism is also going strong, and there is every reason to believe that Tulum will be the next boom-story on Mexico's Caribbean Coast.

Heading across to the south end of Mexico's Pacific, Oaxaca, although in a very different situation, is likewise showing signs of being "ripe for investment." Mexico's federal tourism agency has already identified Oaxaca as a state of "opportunity with a broad portfolio of products for attracting investment in full legal security."

Oaxaca has everything which has made other tourist destinations successful. It has a beautiful colonial capital – the city of the same name – and a handful of beachfront resort locations that have already been attracting tourists, such as Puerto Escondido and Huatulco. It also offers beautiful nature and many "hidden" beachfront areas, ideal for those who are looking for a quieter escape.

Because of recent government efforts to tap into high potential for strategic projects in road, wind, clean energy, agribusiness and tourism, the state has been generating an increasing amount of prosperity and funds to re-invest.

Prices are still very accessible since international attention to Oaxaca is still in its very early stages. This means investors who buy now are positioning themselves to see property appreciation and return similar to those who have cashed in on the booming real estate markets of the Yucatan Peninsula or Puerto Vallarta.

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