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Recently, the prestigious site included Cancun's underwater sculpture museum in its list of 13 travel destinations entirely unique in the world. Maybe you're wondering how this is related to the Cancun real estate


Besides the fact that it's yet another world-famous wonder for residents to visit and enjoy, it's also an indication of Cancun's strength and flexibility as a tourist destination; healthy tourism is one of the main determining factors for lifestyle for Cancun retirement and other expat residents.

The list by, "World's Most Unique Travel Destinations," included the underwater museum in the list of high-profile classics such as The Azores (Portugal), Bhutan, Mosquito Bay (Puerto Rico), The Blue Laggon (Islandia), Chernobyl (Ukrain), The Ice Hotel (Sweden), Madagascar, The Maldives, Okavango Delta (Botswana), Palm Islands (Dubai), Santorini (Grecia) and Yakushima (Japan).

The creation of this museum last year adds to the substantial list of amazing experiences retirees who choose to buy real estate in Cancun can enjoy around the area. Other attractions include "Chichen Itza" – one of the new Seven Wonders of the World – Rio Lagarto, an isolated natural famingo habitat accessible by a a guided boat tour, Sian Ka'an, a nature reserve which is one of the most biological diverse places in the world, and the Mesoamerican coral reef, which is the second largest in the world, and can be enjoyed through diving trips.

The museum also shows Cancun's ability to adapt continually to the needs and demands of the growing international tourism industry. While competition is very high (as the list above indicates), Cancun has always managed to keep one step ahead of the game, offering tourists something more, above and beyond a simple beachfront vacation; combined with beaches that many consider to be the most beautiful in the world, this factor has kept Cancun at #1 for American tourists in the world.

This point is important for retirees investing in a Mexico condo for sale on Cancun's beachfront. The comfortable, modern lifestyle offered by Cancun has been made possible largely due to the success the area enjoys among tourists. Large tourism numbers bring more international investment, which in turn brings malls, international stores, movie theaters, excellent roads, high-quality condos, outings and activities (like the museum!), golf courses, marinas and much more.

On two levels, the Cancun underwater museum, and the international acclaim that its getting, are very good news for retirees who choose to live in Cancun!; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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