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If you are interested in buying in Puerto Vallarta real estate, and are wondering about the investment viability of your choice, consider this; a growing number of large-scale international investors are choosing Mexico every year, and with a good reason.

The bottom line is that Mexico is an excellent destination for investment, and the proof for this fact is the flow of Foreign Direct Investment. And this investment isn't just coming from the U.S. A growign amount of FDI has been coming from countries like Holland, Spain, Germany and Canada, a factor that has led to diversification of investments.

How does this relate to buyers considering a Puerto Vallarta condo for sale? In recent decades, one of the strongest points of foreign investment in Mexico has been the hotel and resort industry, which draws many investors from the countries mentioned above. Ongoing investment in the hotel and resort industry means increased attractiveness for tourists, which in turn brings new infrastructure – like new highways and roads, as well as communications such as high-speed internet – new services and activities, like restaurants, theme parks, golf courses, marinas, etc.

Mexico's strength in drawing foreign investment is closely tied to its strength in tourism, and the lifestyle and investment value that owning real estate in a place like Puerto Vallarta offers. While owning a condo on or near the beachfront is one of the most direct ways to enjoy the strength of tourism in this city, there are also many other viable real estate investment choices. Foreigners living in Mexico also have many business opportunities available in Mexico, as a result of the same policies which have strengthened the country's draw for large-scale international investment.

Another important point is that Mexico isn't just "sitting back" and watching this happen. Through the past few administrations, Mexico's governments have made a clear effort to make policies to create an atmosphere attractive to and ideal for investment.

Currently Mexico is acting to allow certain strategic sectors to tap into what is know as "global reorganization," attracting even greater investment flows, following the dynamics of other emerging economies. "Global reorganization" is the process of the massive economic shifts which have taken place over the past decade or two as a result of Globalization, one result of which is the emergence of China as the #2 world economic power. (The U.S. is #1.)

Mexico has been part of this shift, and is well positioned to benefit from this growing trend, especially with governments that are focused on making policy ideal to attract foreign investment and compete in the global economy.

All of these points are good news for Puerto Vallarta real estate buyers; while relaxing on the beach and enjoying the sun, they can do so, resting assured that they've also made a good investment.

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