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As of November 2010, it there were clear indications that Mexico's economy was on the upswing, and is going to stay that way for the long-term; one development of Playa del Carmen condos on the north end of town is enjoying the benefits of this upward swing, visible everywhere around.

The National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) reported that in November, the coincident index, which reflects the general state of the economy, was located in the expansionary phase to record a value of 100.3 points, up 0.05 points from October past. Meanwhile, the Index of Retail net sales in retail outlets reached a point located between the recovery and expansion phases.

This all sounds very nice, but put in simple terms, it means that the Mexican economy has been growing and will continue to do so.

In reality, looking at a place like Playa del Carmen, it's easy to see the signs of Mexico's new economic recovery. During last year and early this year, the city saw a completion of its new arch-road downtown bypass, the opening of a new Walmart on that same road, the start of construction of its first bowling alley, a series of new highway bridges over the main intersections running past downtown, and an increase in real estate sales. Some of these items had been temporarily put on hold during the recession, others appeared the result of the new recovery.

The Playa del Carmen condos mentioned above are ideally located to benefit from all of the items mentioned above, both in terms of lifestyle and investment. They are located at the north end of town, just before the bypass exits from the highway, and just before the series of bridges start; this means than access to any of the benefits mentioned above, as well as the downtown shopping, dining and nightlife, is a drive of 10 minutes or less.

Since the condos are in a gated community that is still fairly new, they are very competitively priced; since that same community has clear design bylaws and the whole are is emerging as Playa del Carmen's next upscale district, in addition to the access to all the new conveniences mentioned above, prices are sure to rise.

While the economic indicators, statistics and numbers are great, and good news for everyone, what's important for the real estate buyer is seeing the real results of these improvements, and having the opportunity to invest in well-priced real estate to take advantage of these.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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