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 When American retirees choose Yucatan real estate, they do so largely because of the area's incredible warm weather, beautiful nature and the charm of living in a traditional Mexico homes in an old colonial city. Yet, Yucatan also offers another aspect very important for retirement; health care. This aspect is set to benefit from a new emphasis which Mexico is placing on medical tourism.

To help strengthen Mexico's already increasing tourist numbers Mexico's federal Minister of Tourism announced that during March 2011, it would launch a new program focused on "medical tourism," which is the "tourism" where people from other countries, like the U.S. or Canada, visit Mexico especially for the sake of medical procedures.

Mexico offers many advantages for medical tourism, including low prices; procedures and care tend to cost 50 – 70% less than in the U.S. On the other hand, hospitals in places like Merida, Yucatan's colonial capital, are on par with private U.S. hospitals in terms of quality, service and equipment. Patients also not the non-existence of waiting lines and a more personalized service.

Retirees in Merida and Yucatan can take advantage of these same benefits, living on a much more comfortable retirement budget since medical expenses tend to be one of the largest expenses to plan for in the U.S. A Mexico agent working in the Yucatan area will not only be able to help retirees choose the home or condo ideal for them, but also give them tips on the area's best hospitals, and suggestions for very good but affordable healthcare in general.

Yucatan is one of the areas which will be able to benefit the most from the government's new promotion of medical tourism. The city of Merida already numerous excellent hospitals which draw patients from not only the entire region of Mexico, but also from many areas of Central America. International patients from North America exist, but on the whole the area leaves much to be discovered in terms of its high-quality healthcare.

New attention on Merida's excellent hospitals would meant that more international travellers would choose to use these services. This would mean that they would have more funds available to expand their services further. It also means that international hospital companies would look to the area for investment, opening new hospitals and specialty clinics, offering retirees in the area even more options. Since at least a reasonable portion of medical tourists would be retirees, this suggests that many of the new services appearing would be retirement-focused healthcare, and the state of Yucatan has, in fact, expressed plans to focus on the development of this kind of facility.

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