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In late February 2011, the Governments of Mexico and Japan signed an agreement that aims to "strengthen financial cooperation, promote new business and investment opportunities and promote economic development in Mexico."

How will this affect the Mexico real estate market? The ongoing growth of Mexico's economy, foreign investment and infrastructure have done wonders to create new real estate opportunities for retirees

and vacationers in addition to investors; this new deal will help bring more of the good things Mexico real estate has been seeing over the past few decades.

In a statement the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) reported that in the deal the two countries will work together to "strengthen the financial cooperative alternatives to diversify funding sources and expand the Federal Government investor base."

It is aimed "to promote new areas of business and investment, seeking to strengthen trade relations and participation in investment projects that promote technology transfer and venture capital participation for the benefit of economic activity and job creation."

What does this mean in the reality of day to day life for someone who buys real estate and lives in Mexico? It means more business, more stores, more roads, more activities, and more high-tech communication infrastructure (high-speed internet, cell phone networks, etc.) Many areas of Mexico already excel in these features, and increased investment from significant foreign sources is likely to bring new real estate in up-and-coming areas that are only missing a large-scale investment project to "get the ball rolling." Many opportunities in Mexico land for sale have arisen through new large-scale investment projects, such as land in the community of Tulum, about 2 hours south of Cancun; in this particular case it is the creation of a new international airport which has done much to boost the market.

The Japanese public bank's "main purpose is to promote foreign trade, and to support emerging economies in their efforts to develop their economic and social infrastructure."

Emerging economies, like Mexico, have been the focus of much of the large-scale investment opportunities in recent years. The confidence with which international corporations and organizations such as the Bank of Japan invest in Mexico should also lend confidence to real estate buyers to be able to find excellent opportunities to buy in Mexico.

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