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Most people have an idea of how much comfort and luxury Cancun real estate offers, (and for low prices!); this fact has recently been reflected in the opening of yet another luxury hotel! Besides indicating the advantages of a Cancun retirement, this new large-scale investment can also serve as a positive sign for investors.

A major Spanish resort company, Riu Hotels & Resorts, has announced plans to add a new hotel in Cancun, making it the fourth hotel from this company to be opened since it first arrived in this region. The plans are to open the hotel in early 2012. Company sources have comfirmed that the facility will be operated under the Riu Palace chain, the most luxurious the company offers, and will be located next to the Riu Caribe directly on the beachfront; the other two hotels operated by the company are Riu Palace Las Americas and Riu Cancun.

So, why would Riu invest in a FOURTH hotel in Cancun? Obviously tourism is healthy, and their results from the previous 3 are good; but still, four hotels is a large number; Riu knows what every retiree and expat living in Cancun knows. The beaches are quite possibly the best to be seen and enjoyed, the nature in the area is beautiful, there are many modern conveniences, and, in general, it is one of the best possible choices for enjoying a warm-weather, relaxing lifestyle. Rui also knows that prices are low, which is why it's worth their while to build here more.

For retirees, all of these reasons also make a Cancun an excellent place to retire – and this idea is much more than just looking at what hotel companies are doing. Any retiree or other American or Canadian living here will confirm this; the problem is, you'll have to come here to talk to them – once people arrive here, they usually aren't too excited about going back.

There is another important fact that this hotel company's new investment points to; tourism in Cancun is strong. Official statistics back this, indicating that Cancun and the surrounding area is the strongest tourism region not only in Mexico but in Latin America and the Caribbean.

If you invest in a Cancun condos for sale, but you are not going to be using it all year round, this means that there is a good possibility of renting it out. You probably won't be too enthusiastic about leaving, even for part of the year, but in case it's the way things work out best for you, it's good to know that very strong tourism will offer you the chance to generate somewhat of an income.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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