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Puerto Vallarta real estate on the beachfront has been a favorite for Americans and Canadians for decades on end now, for retirement, vacations and other purposes; during the last decade, however, some people might be hesitating somewhat in reaction to the reports of violence in U.S. newspapers. Here's a surprising fact, however; tourism in Puerto Vallarta has actually continued to increase! The reason – people who actually come here see that violence and crime are not are part of what they experience! Thousands of Americans and Canadians continue to enjoy Puerto Vallarta retirement in complete relaxation and a high level of safety.

The Ministry of Tourism in Jalisco, the state which includes Puerto Vallarta, has recently announced that Puerto Vallarta, in fact, closed 2010 with a 5 per cent increase in domestic and foreign tourists, both from the U.S. and Canada. This announcement comes specifically in response to growing concerns about the number of news reports focusing on safety in Mexico.

The impression taken from many North Americans reading news reports, and, indeed, the impression given in news reports, fairly intentionally, has been that all parts of Mexico have been plagued with violence. The truth; the violence related to the Mexican President's war on drugs has been limited to very specific areas of the country (mostly pockets along the U.S. border) and, more importantly, has been largely limited to those involved in those crime circles. As unfortunate as this situation is, it has little affect on day to day life in places like Puerto Vallarta.

This fact is based on personal experience. Residents who have bought Puerto Vallarta beachfront for sale, live comfortably and safely in their second home, enjoying warm weather, excellent restaurants, relaxing activities and beautiful beaches. Retirees enjoy walks in the sand, games of golf and traveling to see many of the wonders this country has to offer. Reports of the violence show up in the news here just like it does in the U.S. or Canada, but probably gains even less attention among Americans and Canadians who are actually here, since they don't see these types of situations.

Statistical imformation backs the impression gained from those who actually continue to visit and live in Puerto Vallarta. In places like Puerto Vallarta, crime rates are actually lower than in many U.S. cities. Yes, American travellers and real estate buyers should choose their destination carefully – there are a handful of places that are best avoided; but Puerto Vallart is most certainly not one of them. As the number show, vacationers and real estate buyers can choose this as their piece of paradise with confidence!

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