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 When considering buying Yucatan real estate, benefits directly or indirectly tied to the tourism industry are among the most important factors in making this important decision. This is why Mexico's strong potential as a world leader in tourism is an important consideration for those buying a Mexico home for sale in Yucatan.

Whether buying a home in a beautiful, new golf course community or a classic Mexican home in the heart of the colonial city of Merida, tourism investment has helped to create the attractiveness of each type of community.

This is likewise true for those buying Mexico beachfront for sale; cruise visits and other kinds of tourism have played a central role in developing the lifestyle of of the quaint oceanfront towns just north of Merida that more and more Americans and Canadians are choosing for retirement and vacationing.

This means that the Yucatan area, and real estate in the area, can only gain from growing tourism in Mexico. Mexico currently offers many features making it ideal to grow as one of the world's leading country's for tourism; in fact, it is currently a fairly strong leader on the level of Latin America.

A recent study showed some of Mexico's key strengths as:

Tourism competitiveness – Mexico fared very well in this category; visitors and expats alike tend to choose Mexico over other places. Why? Culture, service, prices and quality of life are just a few of the reasons.

Natural resources – Besides talking about economic resources, the country also has a very large variety of natural attractions, and excellent outdoor areas for tourists to enjoy many different activities and pure relaxation. Yucatan is a fine example of this variety, offering beachfront, jungle with an incredible biodiversity, and many features quite unique to the peninsula.

Cultural richness – The ancient pyramids of the Aztec, Mayan and other civilizations hardly need to be introduced these days, and the country's beautiful old colonial cities (like Merida) retain a charm of years gone by, offering a very relaxing lifestyle, in addition to something very beautiful to look at. With 26 world heritage sites, several international fairs and exhibitions, as well as uncountable recreational activities, Mexico

Human resources – Besides having a good number of available workers, Mexican culture is one of service, ensuring that visitors to this country have an excellent stay. For those who live here, they will enjoy relaxation in a place with a welcoming, warm and friendly culture.

Each of these points to a distinct benefit for real estate buyers, and as tourism grows in Mexico, so will the quality of life for expats who choose the Yucatan as their new home.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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