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Cancun real estate is an excellent option for a beachfront lifestyle for those who have millions, or even hundreds of thousands to throw around. Excellent Cancun condos for sale can be found overlooking the famous turquoise Caribbean water for as low $100,000 or even less. Cancun homes for sale can be bought as fixer-uppers in the downtown area for surprisingly low prices, still a short drive from the beach, and within walking distance to services.

But it's not only the real estate that low priced; one important example of how you'll keep seeing savings is the trips back home, or, in the case that you only use your condo on vacations, your annual trips to and from Cancun.

Many U.S. destinations can be reached on direct flights from airlines such as JetBlue or Spirit Airlines. With Spirit Airlines, for example, a return flight to Miami can be found for a little over $200 with taxes and air fees included.

WestJet provides similar services to a numerous cities across Canada, with a return flight to Toronto for as low as $350 after taxes and fees.

These are direct flights, and are, in many cases, cheaper than traveling within your home country.

In recent years, Cancun has been seen a growing number of discount airlines appear. There are two main reasons for this. One is that Cancun is growing as a tourist destination, currently being the Mexican destination to receive the most visitors from abroad, and being the favorite destination for Americans outside of the U.S. As tourist traffic increases, discount airlines have a large enough market to provide service.

The other reason is that the Cancun International Airport has been developing as a travel hub, providing a growing number of connections between North America and primarily South America, but also Africa and other areas. Discount airlines, as other airlines, also have the opportunity to increase their traffic by passengers connecting to destinations in these areas.

Cancun is also very well connected by discount airlines within Mexico. One airline, called Volaris, offers specials several times a year with flights to Mexico City or Guadalajara, for example, for below $100 (return, with taxes.) This also convenient for expats who want to get to know Mexico a little as well.

So, savings in Cancun start with your home and condo; you'll see them in everything from groceries to bills and household items. But it's also important to know that traveling to and from home, as well as to other places, will be possible and very affordable!; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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