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When starting your real estate search for your Mexico property, it's a good idea to use a variety of resources to ensure that you find the best pricing for a property meets your needs. The good news is that a number of resources are available online.


The following are a few of the resources you can find over the internet during the preliminary phases of your search, and continue to consult as you progress in your search process.


Real estate deal listings. Some real estate offices offer a page specifically dedicated to price reductions and urgent "fire sales." You may also have the option of receiving e-mail updates on new reductions or new listings. These services help you as a buyer be notified and keep on top of these sales as they appear. In many of Mexico's market areas, there is sufficient demand that once the price is reduced by a certain amount, the property will sell quickly. It is important to be informed to make sure that when the right property shows up at a nicely reduced price that YOU are the buyer who gets that offer in and accepted.


A Mexico real estate blog. A blog from a very professional, qualified and experienced group of brokers can be an essential source of information about where there are excellent deals, new infrastructure and projects that may bring prices up in the near future, and new developments that are offering preconstruction discounts. Buying early – whether it's in an up-and-coming market, or in a new development – is a real and valid way of getting a deal.


Ask a real estate question online. Some brokers and related real estate professionals have opened forums where anyone can ask a question. The panel of experts will review the question and give a variety of answers and information, giving you a solid basis to start with in the information you need. This is important when bargain hunting, since buying in Mexico is a slightly different process from in other countries; being well informed protects you against unnecessary risks, allowing you to move with more confidence on good deals.


As you progress in your search process, it is important to work with a qualified and experienced agent. Being well informed from the beginning about where to find deals, and the ins and outs of Mexico real estate, however, will even help you identify the agent that will best serve your needs.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

Mexico Real Estate NETWORK; "Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely!"


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Thomas Lloyd graduated from Purdue University Krannert School of Management with a degree in Management/Financial Option Investments. He has been living, investing, and working professionally in Mexico for over 15 years. A Mexican Certified Realtor he is the current president of TOPmexicorealestate, you can contact him at (512) 879-6546.

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