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When considering Cancun real estate, for the majority of buyers the obvious choice are the beautiful Cancun condos for sale along the beachfront of the tourist hotel area. However, quality condos and homes are available in the downtown area as well.


The majority of condos considered for expats in Cancun are along the beachfront strip where the majority of resorts and hotels are also located. These condos have, in many ways, defined the quintessential beachfront lifestyle in Mexico and beyond; high quality units, beautiful views of the beach and the turquoise water, close access to international restaurants and bars, and thriving nightlife. It is also important that these units are available for a broad range of prices, appealing to just about any budget.


While the appeal of this kind of unit is very strong, and they are certainly an excellent property choice, it is important to remember that there are very good choices in the downtown area as well. There are a number of excellent condo options in new developments, very close many services, shopping malls, international stores like Walmart or Home Depot, restaurants and sidewalk cafes.


Also available in the downtown area are Cancun homes for sale. High quality homes with similar benefits to the condos mentioned above are available for excellent prices. Some are even available at the north of the city with close walking access to the beach at the point where the beachfront meets the city. In all cases, downtown home owners have only short drive to get to some of the world's favorite beaches.


An option that is becoming ever more common is that of fixer-uppers. Since Cancun has been around a bit longer that many of Mexico's beachfront tourist towns in the area, there is a reasonable supply of well-built and well-designed homes from the city's early years, which have been slightly neglected. For this reason they are available for better prices, and are ideal for anyone who enjoys a project, and a less expensive way to own an excellent property in Cancun.


If you are considering buying real estate in Cancun, most certainly consider one of the classic beachfront condos; but also make sure you consider the downtown options, both condos and homes. You may be surprised to find perfect property for your tastes!; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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