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If you are considering buying in Playa del Carmen, you may be contemplating between a new unit or a resale. While both have their advantages, the following are some of the advantages of buying a new Playa del Carmen condo in the pre-construction phase.


You can buy in an upscale new community. A number of preconstruction complexes are located new gated communities which offer many appealing features such as 24-hour security, bike trails, large green areas, walking distance to the beach, golf courses nearby, and an upscale lifestyle atmosphere.


You save money. While communities which match this description tend to be pricier, new communities are still lower priced, since they are still under development. On top of this developers offer pre-construction discounts for early buyers, meaning that you may find some spectacular deals in this kind of setting.


You pay over time. To secure your unit, a relatively small deposit is required. The rest is paid over time according to construction progress. This means that while you will save money, you still won't be paying out the entire amount at the beginning.


Financing may be available. Often, there is financing available when the total is due upon delivery of the property.


Prices are negotiable. Most buyers are unaware of the fact that prices are negotiable during the preconstruction phase, much in the same way that you can negotiate with an individual owner of a resale. If the prices are already very low, however, there is high demand, it may be more suitable to take the price offered. But even if the price isn't too flexible, sometimes you can ask for extra features.


You have your pick of the units. When you buy a resale, the unit for sale is the unit for sale. For preconstruction, however, you can negotiate a sale of any unit not already sold. For example, if a promotion is being offered for a certain kind of unit, but you can ask if a similar discount could be given for the one you prefer. Again, there are no guarantees, since it's a negotiation process, but the point is that you do have options.


While resale has its own advantage, the majority of buyers find that the numerous benefits of a preconstruction Playa del Carmen condo are very appealing.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

Mexico Real Estate NETWORK; "Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely!"


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