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If you are nearing the time for retirement, you may have noticed that there are dozens of good options to choose from. So why choose to buy Puerto Vallarta real estate? The difference is between choosing "good" and choosing "great."

The following are a few of the features which distinguish Puerto Vallarta retirement as one of the top choices available.

50,000 Expats. Puerto Vallarta is home to one of the original American expat communities in Mexico. Since that community began to grow back in the 50's, Puerto Vallarta has become a favorite for vacationers, retirees and families who have been lucky enough to relocate. Currently, it is one of the largest community of American expats, with a large number of Canadians and Europeans as well. This means you'll feel very much at home.

Beautiful Beaches. Why did these first Americans choose Puerto Vallarta? First and foremost, the beautiful beaches and oceanfront area. Walking in the sand, swimming, diving, snorkeling and sailing are a few of the activities which residents have continued to enjoy through the decades.

Amazing Views. The sunsets over the Bay of Banderas surrounded by the Sierra Madre mountains are breathtaking. Residents enjoy these everyday, while enjoying a walk on the beach, or relaxing on their balcony with a drink. Most Puerto Vallarta homes for sale, as well as condos offer excellent views.

Modern Services – What has changed in Puerto Vallarta since the 50's is the number of modern conveniences available. Currently these include everything from professional golf courses to state-of-the-art hospitals and international superstores.

Rich Mexican History and Culture – While the services have modernized, Puerto Vallarta's old town is still a charming example of Mexico rich culture. Cobblestone roads running between little white homes with red-tile roofs still welcome farmers from the nearby countryside bringing their goods by means of mules.

Close Access to – Everything! - Besides the culture and history of Puerto Vallarta itself, many historical regions of Mexico are nearby, such as the Tequila Valley, the birthplace of the liquor with the same name, the large colonial city of Guadalajara and many other sights to see and places to experience. The international airport also offers very short direct flights to any major city in North America.

In Puerto Vallarta, retirees can enjoy the best of many worlds, all brought together in one small city on the beachfront. So, why choose good, when you can choose great?

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