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Mexico beachfront for sale is closely connected to healthy tourism; for buyers considering Puerto Vallarta beachfront for sale, it's good news that the state of Nayarit has passed a new tourism agreement specifically to promote tourism in that state.

While the city of Puerto Vallarta itself is in Jalisco, the border of the next state, Nayarit, is right next to the city, and a large portion of the the real estate region is within that state.

Late in March, 2011, the Governor of Nayarit, Ney Gonzalez, signed then state's "National Tourism Agreement Replica" along with the Federal Minister of Tourism, Gloria Guevara, businessmen, legislators and academics of the institution.

The purpose of the "National Tourism Agreement," signed on a federal level earlier this year, is to boost activity in this sector and put Mexico in the top 5 tourism destinations in global tourism. The "replica" agreement in the state of Nayarit aims to promote tourism in that state as a part of this effort, with a special focus on the Riviera Nayarit area, which is the stretch of beachfront hotels and residential areas stretching north and west from Puerto Vallarta along the Bay of Banderas.

This same region is one of the most popular for Puerto Vallarta condos for sale for Americans and Canadians.

Tourism growth in the region will be beneficial for buyers. Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding region already offer a large supply of modern services, ranging from the international airport to the variety of international restaurants, and professionally-designed golf courses. An increase in tourist numbers will bring increased investment, new services, improved infrastructure and new beachfront condo options to choose from.

This tourism agreement in Nayarit is the latest in a series of moves which have given a strong boost to the tourism sector as part of the national agenda, spearheaded by the efforts of the President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, aiming to bring all those involved in tourism together to work to make tourism the main engine of growth for Mexico.

The National Agreement on Tourism, which was signed on February 28, focuses on ten major priorities: increasing connectivity and facilitate the transit of passengers , construction, maintenance and improvement of infrastructure and enhancing urban management, strengthening the promotion of the sector in the country and abroad, encouraging public and private investment and facilitating the financing industry.

Each of these will hold specific benefits for those who buy beachfront condos in Puerto Vallarta.

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