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As an real estate buyer, you may wonder if Yucatan real estate is a good market to invest in the growing eco-lifestyle trend. If trends among large-scale hotel investment can offer us confidence, than the answer is "yes."

The most recent example of this is the recent grand opening of the second phase of the Eco Paradise Hotel Xixim, located on the edge of the Celestun Biosphere Reserve, which is considered to be a major contribution to the continuing infrastructure growth for eco-tourism in the state of Yucatan. The second phase of this hotel received a total investment of $4.2 million USD.

What does this mean for real estate buyers? It means that eco-tourism in the state of Yucatan is growing. More Americans, Canadians and Europeans are interested in enjoying this state's unique combination of ancient history, colonial cities, beachfront luxury and variety in natural settings and wildlife. This means you as a buyer can feel confident to invest in Mexico property in Yucatan within the eco-lifestyle trend.

Various places on the Yucatan Peninsula, such as Tulum, have successfully developed this lifestyle atmosphere to a very high extent. The state of Yucatan itself has a good deal of potential in the area, with a large number of biosphere reserves and unique natural phenomena, such as the cave and underground river system, with cool, refreshing pools at their entrance ways known as "cenotes."

Buyers interested in investing in this kind of real estate will do best to consult with an experienced and reputable Mexico agent to help find the area most suitable for their needs. Such an agent will be most familiar with the areas where this trend is growing the most, and were there is potential that is just beginning to be developed.

With the new expansion, the Eco Paradise Hotel Xixim now offers 32 rooms, three massage cubicles, a gym, yoga room, swimming pool, juice bars and whirlpool therapy area. The hotel combines the rich natural setting of the biosphere reserve with Yucatan's beautiful beaches, and luxury hotel facilities, combining three of the area's most attractive features.

To facilitate access to the hotel, the Ministry of Public Works is working on rebuilding the road to Xixim, which invested 1.5 million pesos (about $140,000 USD), which is expected to be completed in the near future.

This likewise reflects the government's commitment to providing infrastructure investment to support foreign investment into the area.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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