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One of the most attractive features of Puerto Vallarta real estate is that it offers a broad range of prices and styles, appealing to just about any buyer; this point is equally true of Puerto Vallarta condos for sale on or near the beachfront.

To buy Puerto Vallarta beachfront for sale a block or two from the beachfront, by no means do you have to have a luxury budget to work with. Comfortable, high-quality condos can be found for less than $100,000 USD. These same condos could offer short, walking access to little shops, shopping centers, the downtown tourist area and many services.

A clean modern design, with a kitchen bar to optimize space, for example, combine with beautiful views of the bay or perhaps of the town itself to combine many of the most attractive features of life in Puerto Vallarta.

In short, buyers do not have to arrive to Puerto Vallarta's market with large amounts of cash to begin enjoying life here. Condos on the beachfront can be found for any price from here upward to over a million for large units of the highest luxury possible.

Several features available help to make the lower priced condos even more accessible for those buying on a budget include:

  • Financing - For new units being sold by the developer, financing options are often available. This means that with a down payment, buyers will able to begin enjoying the property. If the unit is complete, immediate delivery is often offered.

  • Mortgages – For most completed properties, mortgage financing from a bank is usually available. For any resale condo, you can investigate this option.

  • Preconstruction discounts – If you are buying a new beachfront condo in Puerto Vallarta, you may wish to consider buying preconstruction before the complex is complete in order to take advantage of discounts offered by developers. Payment plans based on the construction progress also allow you to make your investment little by little, not paying the full amount upfront.

  • Vacation rentals – Condos on or near the beachfront often hold high appeal for vacationers renting to save on hotel costs. This is a good way to balance expenses of ownership, and even generate an income, making it a bit easier to afford a vacation property for yourself. Consult with an experienced agent familiar with the rental situation in order to ensure you are selecting an ideal property if this is your purpose.

The combination of these features make it clear that you can buy a beachfront condo in Puerto Vallarta even if you are living on a limited budget; in fact, if you budget is limited, this will be a much easier choice than owning a vacation property to live in comfort north of the border!

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