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When beginning to plan for your retirement, one of the most difficult balances to strike is to find a lifestyle that offers the comfort you deserve after so many years, yet fits into your budget. Yucatan real estate is one of the areas that offers a Mexico retirement, balancing these two factors to an extent found in very few places around the world. The following are a few steps to follow to help you plan the Yucatan retirement ideal for your needs.

Establish Your Needs. Yucatan offers a very wide variety of properties and lifestyles that suit all budgets and needs. What all have in common is warm weather, rich cultural heritage, and modern comfort. Knowing your needs and tastes ahead of time will help you determine what part of Yucatan is best for you, what property type, what price range, etc., and stream-line the search process. While the search and buying process will be supported considerably by your agent, if you can clearly describe your needs to them, they will be able to do their job that much more efficiently, and focus much more on getting the property that's just right for you.

Choose and Area. Merida offers beachfront luxury, one of the finest examples of a classic colonial city, new, modern gated communities, and quaint little towns. They are close enough to each other so retirees can enjoy all three within close range. For example, the old colonial city of Merida, which is currently the largest city on the peninsula, is easy to get around in, and those living in the charming neighborhoods near downtown can arrive to the new shopping malls within a 15 minute taxi ride; the beachfront is only 30 minutes away. Small towns, like Progreso which is directly on the beach as well, is located directly at where the highway from Merida reaches the beachfront. Enjoying all 3 isn't a problem; it's choosing where you want your Mexico home.

Choose a Style. This is closely tied to choosing an area. However, in Progreso, for example, you could choose modern condos, classic homes, or a lot to build your own beachfront home.

Review Cost of Living. In Yucatan the cost of living is very low. It is good to review some of these costs in order to evaluate how much is in your budget for your home. Knowing exactly how low the costs are will allow you to choose a home with confidence that you are not busting your budget.

Buy Real Estate. At this point, you will be able to choose a property with a clear image in mind of what you need, and what life will be like in Yucatan. Know what you need, but also leave your options open, and accept suggestions from the qualified agent you have chosen.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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