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One of the key attractions for retirees to consider a Mexico condo for sale for retirement is the number of affordable flight options to places like Cancun; this year Cancun retirement continues to benefit from an increase of flights to the city.

A recent report shows that the total number of passengers arriving to Mexico by air during 2010 increased 3.2%, and is expected to increase a further of 5% during 2011. There are currently a total of 47 companies operating more than 58 destinations in 32 states of Mexico. The same report state that during 2011, major air carriers have announced plans to continue the increase total seat numbers, as well as destinations.

For retirees considering a Cancun condos for sale, this is excellent news. Cancun's international airport is the second largest in Mexico, and as it emerges as an international travel hub, with tourism likewise on the rise, the number of flights to Cancun will continue to rise.

More flights to Cancun means more options, more schedules, and more cheap airlines. An increasing number of cheap airlines are already offering service to Cancun, with direct flights to a large variety of locations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

For retirees, this is a very important point, since most enjoy visiting home, or enjoying visitors from back home. (Most retirees say they end up getting more visitors once they live in Cancun ...) The condos in Cancun are also available for much lower prices than retirees might expect for a beachfront property anywhere in the U.S.

What this means is that retirees can live on a lower budget, or on the same budget with a greatly increased number of little luxuries. Most retirees like to take advantage of these years to travel; increased and more affordable flight options, combined with Cancun's emergence as an international travel hub, also mean that it's easier to travel to other locations throughout Mexico, as well as to the Caribbean, South America or Europe. While many of these locations may not be more affordable, retirees living in Cancun will find their budget to be freed up for these kinds of trips that weren't very feasible before.

On all fronts, it is good news for retirees that Mexico, and especially Cancun, are increasing the flight options they have available; it will mean more savings, more travel options, and more convenience. Buying a Cancun condo has never been a more feasable option for retired Americans and Canadians.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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