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 As spring gets underway during 2011, Cancun prepares to celelbrate it's 41st anniversary; the remarkable part of the story is that after over 40 years, the Cancun real estate market is still going strong as one of the foremost options for American and Canadians looking for an affordable, but modern beachfront lifestyle.


The festivities of the event are planned for April 20th, the day of Cancun's official founding, and will include parades of traditional costumes and dances from different regions of Mexico. The celebrations are a fitting reflection of the fact that Cancun is home to workers from all over the country, paralleling the international nature of the very large expat community.

But the 41 years of history mean much more in the market of Cancun homes for sale. Cancun is unique in that it was created as a planned resort community; this means that since day one, it was planned and designed especially for the relaxing lifestyle of vacationers and expats choosing Cancun as their home. Over the years, the variety of options has grown, and the number of modern services has grown significantly adding to its reputation as one of the top beachfront locations world-wide.


In addition to what many consider to the most beautiful and enjoyable beaches in the world, with their soft, white sand, and the unique turquoise color of the Caribbean Sea, home buyers in Cancun now enjoy excellent roads, large shopping malls, big-name stores like Walmart or Home Depot, large-screen movie theaters, and an excellent variety of restaurants and cafes.


Cancun is also currently home to Mexico's second busiest airport, offering regular direct flights to just about anywhere in North America. The number of discount direct flights available is also growing. As Cancun develops as an international travel hub, this factor will only become stronger.


Cancun has also remained a fast-growing community. Within fifteen years, it is expected to be the largest city on the Yucatan Peninsula. Besides ensuring a growing number of modern and international services, this fact has also continued to bring opportunities in Cancun land for sale, ideal for investors hoping to take advantage of the area's thriving economy to see return on their investment.


The festivities for the city will last for a few days, but for real estate buyers, the main "festivity" is the new way of life – the relaxation, the warm weather and the low cost of living, all combined with modern comfort and convenience. This can last a lifetime.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

Mexico Real Estate NETWORK; "Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely!"


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