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As a new governor takes power in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico (which includes Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Cozumel and Tulum), the good news for Playa del Carmen real estate is that the new governor, formerly mayor of Playa del Carmen, plans to continue with policies that favor tourism and foreign investment into the area.


During his inaugural speech April 5th , 2011, Roberto Borge stated his goal as building the Quintana Roo of the next decades and generations on four fundamental values: solidarity, strength, competitiveness and care of natural resources for future generations. The plan includes a good deal of emphasis on expanding new transportation infrastructure, which both opens up tourism in new areas of the state, as well as offering new real estate investment opportunities for American, Canadian and European buyers. Investment is also to be combined with increased austerity on the part of the state government to ensure availability of funds for the most important projects, and provide confidence for investors.


The policies of both the municipality and the state during recent years have been ideal for foreigners investing in Playa del Carmen condos for sale. Investment in new roads and tourism promotion has brought large-scale developers to invest in the area, offering buyers a larger range of property options - a fact also true of Playa del Carmen homes for sale. The market of single lot homes has also been increased by individual buyers investing in lots and having high-quality custom homes built.


With the end purpose of "combating social exclusion and inequality" Borge outlined a plan of infrastructure investment into the state, such as the ongoing modernization of the state road network, including a new highway connecting Playa del Carmen more directly to the inland colonial cities of Yucatan, a new airfield in Playa del Carmen, the promotion of the new Riviera Maya International Airport, which will be the second major airport serving Playa del Carmen, the improvement of maritime terminals in various locations.


The means to continue expanding the state's economy for the benefit of all will be to continue improving the area's levels of competitiveness through such infrastructure and promotion projects, as well as the diversification of tourism.


Besides benefiting the working population of the state, this will bring increasing services and property options for North American buyers.


Paralleling his policies as mayor of Playa del Carmen, he will be modernizing tax collection policies, ensuring the state's financial health without raising tax rates, which currently are very low; this will be balanced with austerity measures, which, in the case of Playa del Carmen, improved the government's investment rating with Standard & Poors.


Overall, if Borge's performance as governor brings similar results as his term as mayor in Playa del Carmen, the state and real estate buyers interested in the area can look forward to a good deal of ongoing progress in the years to come.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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