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 For those considering Puerto Vallarta retirement, the constant investment coming to Mexico, and especially places like Puerto Vallarta from the tourism industry bring many lifestyle benefits, both directly and indirectly. One recent fact which has demonstrated this is the growing investment into the hotel industry.

The sub-market of Puerto Vallarta real estate which appeals to retirees is closely related to the hotel industry in the area – in location, in benefits from investment, and in lifestyle. The good news is that in Mexico, investment into the growing hotel industry has continued strong over the past year, as the country gears up to become one of the top 5 destinations for international tourism worldwide.

The country's hotel infrastructure is growing – a fact which can already be seen during 2011. 38 tourist destinations in the country, monitored by the Ministry of Tourism, added 239 211 hotel rooms during the first quarter of the year (until March 20, 2011), which is 6.6% higher than that recorded in the same period in 2009, during which 14,912 additional units were added. Puerto Vallarta, needless to say, is among the top areas to receive new hotel investment and expansion.

These numbers reflect a growing confidence from large, multi-national hotel companies that Mexico's tourism is growing. While some condo units, located directly in resort areas benefit directly from this investment, even Puerto Vallarta homes for sale, as well as condo complexes, in other developments benefit from the growing hotel investment and infrastructure.

New hotels and growing tourism bring benefits such as new golf courses, new tourist activities, new roads, and a growing image of the area as an upscale beachfront resort community. The growing tourist numbers which hotels are basing their confidence on offer a larger number of interested residents, and more expat communities to choose from; one of the most attractive features of Puerto Vallarta has been the large expat community, offering retirees the comfort of having neighbors from back home, and many activities and events of the sort they are used to.

One of the country's largest "tourism routes," as the government has designated the main tourist areas, is "the art of tequila and the music of the sun," which includes destinations such as Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, and two other locations nearby on the Pacific coast; the "route" is centered on Puerto Vallarta and offers the distinct piece of nearby history where the liquor called tequila was born. From the first quarter of 2009 to the quarter of 2011, the hotel infrastructure increased by 2,499 units to reach 37,521 rooms, representing 15.7% of all hotel rooms in Mexico's main tourist regions.

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