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 Within Mexico, Yucatan real estate has been one of the markets to most benefit from recently growing tourism, and part of this benefit is increased investment from the government to build new roads, providing access to new Mexico property options.

One recent example of this is the investment into a new highway to connect the recently opened Halachó hotel with nearby urban areas. The investment of 13 million pesos (a bit more than $1 million USD), includes a space which will enable the artisans of this area to display and sell their products.

Investment such as this provides a double benefit. New roads and highways are always a benefit to those buying real estate in the area, since it opens up areas for new real estate development and offers better transportation around the area. Investments such as this one also offer a clear benefit for expat residents, offering access to a market for local arts and crafts, which many find to be attractive either for home decoration or for gifts for visiting friends and relatives.

Those interested in buying Yucatan real estate will do best consulting with an experienced Mexico agent, who can help them find properties most suitable for their needs. Yucatan includes a unique combination of colonial cities (the chief of which is the splendid city of Merida,) quaint, small towns, and beachfront luxury. An experienced agent will be able to help buyers choose a property to combine access to the most important of these features.

The investment of 13 million pesos mentioned above involved the renovation of 18 stores, reconstruction with a thatched roof, renovation of the restrooms and the construction of a parking lot.

Other investment of a similar sort was made in various municipalities, likewise with the construction of a connecting highway, which will have a length of 8.6 kilometers and will require an investment of 11.2 million pesos (about $1 million US.) Other such investments will soon be made to open tourist centers in a community known as Dzitnup, connecting with nearby "cenotes" (cool, natural pools) and in the quaint colonial town of Valladolid, which is excellent for well priced handicrafts, local food and a rare chance to hear Mayan spoken in the streets.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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