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One of the key factors benefiting Mexico real estate has been investment into tourist-oriented improvements, which likewise offer an improved lifestyle and more attractive buying options to those considering making Mexico their home. This point has recently been demonstrated by the investment put into creating the new pedestrian walkway area on the north end of Cozumel.

During recent years, the north of Cozumel has been developing as a favorite for Mexico beachfront for sale for expat buyers. This same area is the place to receive the "Tourist Corridor and North Pedestrian Zone of Cozumel."

The benefits from investments such as this one include that it will help improve the image of the island, meaning more tourists will be attracted to the island, and more investment will continue to bring increased services, new activities, and, in general, a higher quality of life.

On the other hand, the new pedestrian area will also improve the lifestyle of this district of Cozumel. Those how buy beachfront real estate in the area will enjoy the pleasant relaxation of an outdoor lifestyle that is at the same time modern and comfortable.

The project is part of a larger series of tourism investments throughout the same state, named Quintana Roo. Cancun real estate, which is the main market within the state, and is the location with the most international tourism within Mexico, and even well beyond, has benefited from a good deal of investment from all levels of government.

The entire region, including locations such as Cozumel, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum and the newer Costa Maya area further to the south, has proven to be one of the greatest success stories in international tourism. A combination of government investment, working in coordination with very strong private initiatives has led the area to become the top area for international tourism in North and South America. The area is also expected to lead the way as Mexico heads towards becoming one of the top 5 countries world-wide for international tourism.

In all areas of this state, real estate buyers from Canada and the United States have benefited from these investments, gaining everything from upscale shopping and dining areas, such as Playa del Carmen's Fifth Avenue, to new golf courses, from new highway bridges to get around faster, to new international airports.

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