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When considering buying a preconstruction Playa del Carmen condo, there are a variety of units you may consider through a development. The following are the advantages of several different unit types or locations.

Penthouses – Penthouse units are generally the most sought-after unit in any given condominium complex or building. They are the top floor (in Playa del Carmen, this means the 3rd or 4th floor, due to height restrictions on construction in the area), and offer the best views. They also have the rooftop terrace and extra penthouse room on the rooftop – often the master bedroom, with the best views of all. When buying early in the preconstruction process, a penthouse condo can often be obtained for a considerable discount.

Garden Condos – These are the ground floor units. They offer the advantage of direct access to the unit from the ground level. Most of these condos, in addition to the standard terrace space, include additional yard space, hence the name "Garden unit." They are less expensive than the penthouse units, but usually a bit more than the next units up because of convenience of direct ground level access; this is especially beneficial in resort-style settings, and the units tend to be preferred by retirees. Again, preconstruction discounts can offer excellent deals.

Standard Units – These units are the ones on the 2nd and 3rd floors (if there are 4 levels.) They offer some view of the surrounding scenery, and have slightly more convenient access than a penthouse, especially if there is no elevator. One of the main attractive features of these units is the price; they are usually the best value for size in any given unit. This combined with preconstruction discounts means that buyers can enjoy a Playa del Carmen condo at a very accessible price.

First Buildings in the complex – Buying in the first building means that you will enjoy your unit sooner. Sometimes, depending on what stage of pre-construction you are buying in, your building may be close to completion when you buy.

Later Buildings in the complex – Depending on when you need your unit, there are also advantages to buying units which will be completed later. With preconstruction condos, a certain deposit is made to secure the unit, and the following payments are made according to construction progress. You may also be able to negotiate a larger preconstruction discount. Also, depending on how far along the complex is, the developer may receive the condominium regime, allowing you the option of seeking bank financing.

Each unit has its own set of benefits and the one which is better for you depends on your needs and tastes. Consult with an experienced agent to help you decide which unit will be best for you.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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